Thursday, May 22, 2008

thots for thursday

being the yung mancat that i am, i hafs decided i must spend sum time in deep thot to ponder the impawtant issues facin cats today.

there ar a few things that ar high on my list of pryoratees.

the first is: why do beans hafs control ofer the foods ans treats? we cats ar kwite able to take care of ar food supply. jus cuz they ern green papers donts mean they shood control ars stinky goodness, crunchies or temptations.

second: we shood be allowed to hafs nip partees when we wants. maybes not effury days but at least once a week. so what if we trash the house?! we live heres too. at least we donts leefs stinky socks an underwares on the floor.

and thirds: what is up wif the werd "NO!"? is that the only werd my mommees can say to me when i asks fer anyfing???? she needs to lern the words: "yes" or "of corse yu kan hafs sum my handsum mancat". if she is eetin sumfin an i ask fer sum, she says "no". if i wants to chase my sisfurs an makes them get all hissy she tells me "no". if i wants to eets things i finds on the floor that the beans drug in on the bottom of thare shoes, i gets told "no". jus cuz i will promptly puk it all ofer the floor donts mean i shoodnts eat it. it is a grate way to kleen out my inner systems.

so whats do yu finks abouts my thots for thursday???


  1. Those are some very important thoughts! I especially do not enjoy the word "No", either.

  2. Those were great! I think we need control over foods,except my sisfur Tillie might eat too much,heehee I also do not like the word NO !We're cats,we hafta explore!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  3. That is the truth, young mancat! Your humans owe you answers.

  4. I think your "thots for thursday" are very deep. And now you've got me thinkin'!

  5. No is a terrible word, I agree with you 100%
    Please have a hug from me to you!

  6. very deep thoughts!