Monday, May 26, 2008

mad monday

i ams mad agan. do yu no who is makin me mad?

i is been sittin in mommees puter chair, mindin my own buzness.

i us ushaly catchin a nice catnap ans then i gets MAD!!

i gets sooper dooper hissy mad! eneeones wood iffens yu gots popt on the top of yur hed whens yu is sleepin tite.

dus anyone want a orinch cat? i will pay lots of temptations iffens yu takes him away - far away!


  1. Sorry, we can't take him. We haf one of our own and it took us years to train him not to bop us when we is sleeping, not to steal OUR treats and how to be a good pillow/feets warmer when we wanna nap...dem boy cats is hard to teach!

  2. Did Kintaro bop you on the head? That was a little bit rude of him, so I do not blame you for being crabilated.

  3. No, i's can't take him either, i haf three little brofurs of mine own to tend to. Whew.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    ***** HUGS *****
    In tribute to Bonnie Underfoot.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & The Sherwood Bunch

  4. Shmoo seying he take him he is a good boper he bops the wuffe and your bean But the bean sey her take u her thin u and muse look a like

  5. Poor Yuki! Kintaro just won't stop bothering you, will he?

  6. Uh oh, you *do look mad! I hope you're in a better mood now ...

  7. I know how those youngin's can get on your nerves Yuki. Sometimes I don't want to play and Cleo does and drives me nuts, cause I want to nap.