Thursday, May 29, 2008

in ars open-ee-on

last month we gots a fery heafy pakage left at ars door. mommees almost koodnts pick it up. she took furefer to open the box. when she did open it, thair wuz 3 boxes of Fresh Step Fresh Expressions in the pakage.

mommees gots all eggsited. we donts know wy, it is jus the stuff we poop ans pee in. she sed that it wuz speshul litter cuz it smell like lavender valley and it wuz suppose to make ars poopee smell less notisabul.

miss kimberly of the Fresh Step company axed us to try the new Fresh Expressions ans rite a revew abouts how we likes it.
  • it donts hurts ars feet or makes them feel funny (sum of us gots tender foots pads).
  • it sucks up the pee ans makes it ezee fer mommees to scoop (sumtimes mommees mumbles werds unners hers bref iffens the clumps of pee fall apart)
  • da poop is scoopabul (efen kintaros sloppee poops)
  • it makes kintaros poopy smell stay near the litter boxes (da smell usually goes to the ofer side of da rooms)
  • we used the litter boxes (they wuz no aksidents - like kats donts plan effery ting they do).
  • it gots paw points on the box dat we can gif to the cat blogosphere.

kazoku neko gifs the new Fresh Step Fresh Expressions da paws up sign!

we finks mommees is gonna buy it frum now on. she jus gots to find what stor gots it.


  1. Very cool review! Maybe I should get mommy to check that litter out . . . my sister Ivy is kinda like Kintaro, her poop can clear a room! (Or the whole house on a super bad day . . .)

  2. Mommy sez she is gonna try dat stuff. Speedy haf da sloppy poops too and sometimes dey make daddy gag...