Monday, May 19, 2008

mancat movie monday


if blogger video dont werk then clik here.


  1. Kintaro, you look like such a fun mancat! Boy, you give that frisbee a workout, don't you? Purrs!

  2. What fun! Emma will scratch like that in the tub or in the clothes basket, lol! I know u probably do Kintaro, but do u have on of those turbo scratchers with the ball?? If u don't, u'd love it!

    Tell your meowmie I said hi and miss chatting with her!!!

  3. Kintaro did a Machine Paw on the Frisbee! Combining toys is twice the fun.

  4. It sure looked like you were having fun with that fev-ver toy Kintaro. Don't know what you were scratching for on the fisbee but you sure looked like you were having fun. I was curious what caught your attention to make you leave. I saw your tents in the background like mine.


  5. At first my mom thought that feather toy was alive (like a lobster) - she gasped out loud! She's silly ... :)