Wednesday, January 16, 2008

weird wednesday meme - we gots tagged!

we wants to say fanks to effurryone fer all of the great suggestions to helps kintaro wif his tummy. he donts gots the runs anymore so his hiney aint wet from all of the washin. he is feelin better since he started takin the medasin frum the vet.

The rules of this Meme are: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random kitties at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each one know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

i gots tagged by
missy blue eyes.

  1. i can curls up into the tightest ball when i naps.

  2. i loves to sleeps on any of the beans chests. i will stretch out one of bof of my front legs when i sleeps on the beans chest.

  3. i only purrs when i sleeps on the beans chest.

  4. i wuz born in a pile of planks ans my mommees tricked me into coming out. she rescued me frum a hard life. none of my brofers, sisfers or cuzins ars there anymores.

  5. i am not deafs or hards of hearing in my left ear.

  6. i prefer to drinks my water frum the bafroom sink. mommees has to let it run a tiny stream fer me.

  7. mommees says i cants dig to china from my litter box efen tho i trys really hard.

its mine turn.
missy blue eyes tagged me too!

  1. i luvs to beg at the table. i nefer eat bean food. i only likes my food. i still begs.

  2. my eyes are big and round 95% of the time i am awakes. we donts know why. i just ams that way.

  3. i like to look at life frum different angles. upside down is always fun.

  4. i am fery talkative to my mommees only. she unnersands what i say.

  5. i hafs to sleep on my mommees legs at night. iffens it is fery cold i will get unner the cobers and sleep somewhere near her legs.

  6. i luvs my mommees ugly wool blanky. she will covers hers up wif it when she gets in hers red chair ans leans back. she donts hafs to call my name, i jus knows when she does it an i comes runnin an callin fer her. i gets in hers lap an we takes a nap. it is ars speshul time.

  7. i hafs 3 of my fery own blankies. two stay on my bed in the lifing room. i sleep on them all day untils mommees says it is night night time.

me, me, me!!! its mine turn! i gots tagged by grr! she is a perty black kitty wif lots of ofer kittys in hers house.

  1. the bestest ans my most faborite toy is my cat cube. i now haf 2 of them. mommees says she is gonna get me 2 more so i cans hafs a tunnel. woo hoo!!

  2. i hafs a girlie voice most of the time. mommees says i chirps and makes ofer noises when i wants to talk to beans.

  3. i wag my tail like a dog sumtimes.

  4. my tail is shaped like the capital letter "L" only the letter points down to the floor.

  5. mommees says if she hads me when monty had his "do the q" contest, i would hafs had a really good chance of winnin a purrize. she says i am a shameless hussy. whatever that is.

  6. i snore

  7. i gots a black spot on my nose. mommees says it mus be my beauty mark cuz it donts wash off.

sum of ars stuff ants so wierd. we shure hope yu liked lernin abouts us. we hafs liked lernin abouts eferyone else.

we finks we is the last ones to answer ars tags. iffens yu ants been tagged then consider yurselfs tagged by us!


  1. Wow - thanks for sharing such interesting facts about all of you!!

  2. Great job, kitties! I learned a lot more about you.

    I'm glad Kintaro is feeling better. I was sick over Thanksgiving with tummy problems and made mommy worry lots about me, but I'm all better now.

  3. Kimiko, I love your big, round eyes. Yuki, I am not sure I realized you had two different-colored eyes! I sure am glad that Kintaro is feeling better.

  4. Great facts! I like to look at things from different angles too. I'll be staring at something or someone, then I rotate my head sideways, then upside down, while still staring.
    We're glad Kintaro's getting better. The only thing worse than a kitty with the runs is a kitty with the runs who has a fluffy butt.

  5. We liked reading all about you kitties.

    Guy likes to dig to China in his litter box also. Maybe if we dig together we can make it!

  6. Great post - learn a lot more about you! SS is so befuddled these days - she thought there were only 2 of you in the house until you commented in my blog with 3 signatures.

  7. Oh boy!!! Those were great things about all of you. I can see that you love your beans a lot too :)
    Special snooze time with Mom is the best!
    All of you are so cute too,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  8. Great memes from all of you kitties - very educational - we learnt lots about each of you. We're very glad that Kintaro is feeling better, 'cos being sick is no fun.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  9. Looks like Kintaro is doing good - we're so glad! Yuki, Nico tries just as hard as you to dig to China in the litter box. Kimiko, you have such pretty eyes! Kintaro, Virgil wags his tail like a doggy too.

    Please come to our blog, we have something for you!

  10. That's gweat! Now I know so much more about you guys! Gwad that Kintawo is feewing better! Having the wuns is no fun at all!

  11. Kintaro we're glad you're feeling better now. We bofe try to dig to China in our litterbox too.

  12. Kintaro, you are such a handsome kitty. (Mom says cute) Sure hope you are getting all better. Hey, Yuki and Kimiko, hope things are going all right with you also. It definitely doesn't feel good when you are sick. Liked learning a little more about all of you. Take care O.K.


  13. You are all very beautiful kitties! I'm so happy that Kintaro is feeling better. The runs are no fun!

  14. Kintaro you are the cutest little kitty! It was fun learning more about all of you.