Tuesday, January 15, 2008

we wuz purraying fer annie and mao to come home safe and sound. we jus didnt gets to post thare pikshures. we is fery glad they is home. we hopes skeezix donts gets too pooped doin his happy danse.

YUKI: as the spokescat fer ars fambly, i ams gonna tell yus abouts whys we hafnts been postin. moms been busy wif kintaro. he has been kinda sick. he started out pukin once a day the first day she gots him home. she thots it mite be frum the trip and tryin to get settled in the house wif us two girls. we has been perty hissy arounds hims.

KIMIKO: he got puky lots on Chrissymouse day. he had to stay in his room cuz one of the beans is a-lergic to cats. so mommees thots he gots a nervous tummy. but instead of gettin better he just stayed the same. mommee has taken him to the vets a couple of times and he finally gots pikshures of his insides taken and they tooks his blood. see what happens wens the vet takes yur blood. yu get so poopsed yu cants efen curl up to take yur nap.

YUKI: all of his tests came back negative. ans now he gots the runs. mommees feels sorry fer hims cause his poor hiney looks so sad efery time she gots to wash hims. we fink it mus be em-bear-es-sin to be a half wet cat.

KIMIKO: our vets name is doktor bell. he gaves mommees sum medicines to gifs kintaro. when mommees looked at the package it wuz the same stuff she wuz taken in the big bean hospital when she had her tummy problems. she tooks fla-gel but hims is taken metro-ni-daz-ole. we is callin it metro days. kintaro hafs to take it fer 5 whole days. it is an anty biotik and it in-hi-bits the immune system. doktor bell says he thinks kintaro has in-flamin-toy bowl daseese (inflammatory bowel disease).

KINTARO: iffens any of yus cats gots this in-flamin-toy bowl daseese please hafs yur bean tell mommees what yu can abouts it. she gots sum information off of the pet education site from dr. foster & smith site. but she wants to hear frum real kitties and beans. fanks yu fer yur helps.


  1. I am very glad that Mao and Annie both home :)

    And I hope your condition will turn better :>

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

    Ninja & Brenda

  3. Hi there! Nico and Virgil seemed to have IBD. Per our vet's advice, we got switched to a grain-free diet and that helped. However, recently, our Mama switched us all to a raw diet, and Nico n' Virgil are doing super! Nobody has stinky poo anymore, and we've got lots n' lots of energy!

    Mama says she got a lot of info here:

    The folks don't have much time to prepare our food, so they order our raw diet from here:

    One of our vets really supports it, and another one is a little cautious, but otherwise supportive as well. At any rate, we hope this info helps!

  4. I am sorry that Kintaro is having poopy problems. Is he on any special food? There are lots of "digestive care" food for cats on the market.

    Also, you can try canned pumpkin (it's just plain pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie mix). It is a simple and easy thing to try; just a couple teaspoons a day. The fiber soaks up the excess fluid in the intestine and helps "bind" things up a little bit. It also helps cats with constipation, too.

  5. We're sorry you're not feelin' great, Kintaro. Smeagol is at the v-e-t right now with what sounds kinda the same as what you have. We'll purr for you to feel better soon.

  6. Gosh, we're so sorry to heer that Kintaro has the icky tummy problems. We hope he gets to feelin' better soon. Mom sez, you mite want to bisit this website and go to the Community board. Tell about Kintaro's problems but be sure to tell he's not a diabetic kitty. Efen tho it is mostly for diabetic cats, the beans there all haf other cats too and they kno lots abowt food and stuff.


    Yore frends Finny & Buddy and owr new sisfur Jasmine too

  7. Oh poor sweet Kintaro! We have never had IBD, so we can't tell you anything except I hope the poor baby feels better soon. He is so handsome!

  8. We hope that Kintaro feels better soon! He looks so sad...

  9. Poor Kintaro, it's not nice having a pawly tummy. We hope his meddysins make him better quickly.

  10. Oh, he's just the cutest thing! We're so sorry to hear that he's sick. We have a kitty friend who the vets thought must have IBD. they tried all kinds of medicines and foods, but nothing really worked. It turns out that she's allergic to grains. In humans it's called "celiac disease" and you can read about it here: http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/. Now that her kitty only eats Innova Evo and some other completely grain free foods, she's fine. We think the food is usually the problem. Try Evo. It keeps Cocoa from getting the Itchys too.

  11. kintaro - we hopes you feels better soon!

  12. Kintaro

    We hopes yu feel better soon buddy. We fink it might be juss findin da rite foods dat will agree wif his tummy... poor baby. WE will keep yu in our purrayers...

  13. We're sorry that Kintaro is not feeling so good - neither of us has ever had anything like that so we don't have info for you. Maybe a change in diet like some of the other kitties have suggested here might help,


    Gypsy & Tasha