Tuesday, January 22, 2008

tuesday toesies

these are my front toes

these are my back toes
mommees been takin lots of pikshures of my toes, my nose, my tail ans my whole body. she says she gots a half a squilliion pikshures of me alreddy.

mommees gots a video camera fer Christmas. she is still trying to figure it all out. when she does unnersand it beffer she is gonna post a movie of ME in my kitty kubes! i is soooo eggsited.

mommees is gonna change my diet now thats i is done wif the yukky meds the vet gave me. it didnts help. i still gots a bad tummy and puke once a day (cept today - at least, daddees aints found it yet - hehehe).

she is gonna put me on some of the raw stuff and some crunchy stuff wif no grain in its. she gots to order the raw stuff cuz we aints got no grinder and she dont thinks she can handle the grinding bone thing. it gives hers the heebie jeebies. she says she is gonna hafs to give up her rib eye steak nite ans get a part times job to feed me all of this speshul food. i think she loves me.


  1. Your toes are very cute and floofy! It's no wonder your mom is taking lots of photos of you. I cannot wait to see your first movie!

  2. Love those cute little pink toesies with furr stickin' out! I sure hope your new diet fixes you tummy troubles!

  3. It sounds wike your Mom weawwy woves you a wot! Hope your tummy gets better!

  4. You gots purrty toesies!!! Thanks for sharing them.

    And thanks for stopping by our blog to introduce yourselves. We're really looking forward to getting to know you.

  5. You have very cute toes!

    We are sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. :( Dragonheart is allergic to many foods, so he has to eat venison and green pea food. We hope the new food helps!

  6. Dont tell your mamy i told u but she told my mamy she loes u her was taking in this funny looking thing she is vurred about u but she is going to make the vet man make u better by by JR MAN

  7. I to love your toesies and your smile lol