Sunday, February 04, 2007

silly sleeping and spotted sunday

today is silly sleeping sunday for me. mommees says i can sleeps in the sillest po-zi-shuns.

mommees says my eyes looks like gnormus spots sometimes cuz i opens them sooooo big. she calls me her spazi cat.

ps - tomorrows we is gonna post ars profiles in hopes we can gets a valentines. so all yus man cats (who likes senior girls) come back and bisits us.


  1. Our Mommie liked that cell phone holder, once she figured out what it was actually used for, she is making herself one. She is even putting a logo on it: "Cats" she says that it is because of the school mascot being a bearcat and everyone shortens it to "cats" but we know the real reason.

  2. Yuki, that is a very silly way to sleep! Kimiko, I loves yer big ROUND eyes!