Monday, February 05, 2007

will you be my valentine?

My name is yuki aka yuki girl. I am the pure white senior girl kitty of the house. I will be turning a very young 14 in April. I love to curl up on my soft warm blankie and take long naps and I wills gives my valentine lots of attention whiles I makes him clean as fresh snow. I have unusual eyes; one is green and the other is blue. I love to play with the red dot but need lessons on how to catch it. So if you are a man cat that wants a mature but young at heart lady cat give me a call. I might pick you as my special valentine.

My name is Kimiko aka pretty girl or spazzi cat. I am a mommy’s girl. I am a mature lady cat who will be 12 years young this fall. I love to play with strings, balls and anything nip. I am also an undercover kind of girl. I have big expressive green eyes and I love to talk. So if conversation is what you want then I am your girl. Leave your calling card and I may give you a call.
ps mommees helped us write ars profiles. we hopes yu can read hers riting.


  1. You two are both so beautiful, I am sure you will find a special valentine!

  2. Yoo two shood drop by my Valentine's Kontest blog --- any cat hooze looking for love can post thare names --- and a valentine --- in the hopes of finding that purrfikt sumwun. Go to

  3. Yuki, Kimiko, it seems impossible that 2 lovely ladies like yourselves are in need of a Valentine. If you follow Skeezix's advice, you should find what you're looking for.

  4. you're both very lovely ladies! we bet you'll find special Valentines furry quickly.

  5. we took skeezix advise. we put ars hopes ans dreams on the vdcontest blog. *sigh* we hopes prince charming comes soon.

    yuki & kimiko

  6. Yuki and Kimiko you both are so pretty that I'm sure you will find valentines that are suited for you. You both deserve the very best valentine that is out there so please be picky in who you choose.


  7. Hi Yuki and Kimiko,
    We find you girls bery atraktiv. Da Man Cats at da Forty Paws r bein Valentines with Kaze, but she hast her one true luv alredy, and so we cud escort u to da party ifn u wood like. Bow is owr Top Cat elder citzen. He's a bit arthritic, so he mite not wanna dance a whole lot, but he's very friendly. We also have Dorf, G.T., Obi, Smokey and Reno. G.T. has asked Grr if she wood like to go to da party wid him, so he mite be owt.
    Luf, Us

  8. Hello, my sweet friend Yuki, I have been meaning to come by and visit youz, but the meowmize has been busy.Maybe taps would be your valentine. Tell your sisfer Kimiko hi furz me.
    Yourz friend, Snowy

  9. Kimiko, Benji is being Mr. Shybutt, so I'm going to ask for him. He has had his eye on you for awhile and thinks you're awfully purrdy. He just doesn't think you'd be interested in him because he is so young. He'll be 2 this year. And I told him it doesn't hurt to ask! So, will you be his Valentine Kimiko? He would understand if you decide otherwise. ;)

  10. Hmm. Two attractive mature lady cats. It's so hard to choose. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm trying to make up my mind.


    Jake, you better make up your mind soon, or there won't be any girls left!


  11. Yuki ... I've got just the guy for you! Fudge Ripple is seventeen and a half, but he's a Maine Coon with the ginormous "man-cat" paws ... He'd love to be your valentine. You two would be cute together: Chocolate and Vanilla!