Saturday, February 03, 2007

we has a winner!!!!!

we has a winner in ars contest!

first mommees helped us go fru all the guesses and pick out the correct guess. no one gots is exactely right. so we went wif the answers that were close (mommees says the all-turn-ate use). she said the lady at the conference said it was a holder to sit on yurs desk and puts yurs cell phone in. see pikshure.

but that lady said it could also be used to hold business cards. so wif that as the o-fish-ul all-turn-ate use we has a FIVE way tie.

yuki - mommees, look at hoos is the kats in the five ways tie. thair is sanjee; kimo & sabi; zippy, sadie & speedy; grr, midnight & cocoa; and munchkin, missy & monte. i wonders hoos will wins?

kimiko - the girl is gonna pick a winner. mommees made paper balls so we coodnts see hoos name is on each peece of papers.

yuki - i ams making sure efferything is correct.


and the winner is . . . . . . .

concatulations to KIMO & SABI!!!! please email us wif hoos you want mommees to send the do-nay-shun to and yur snails mails address so we can gets yus yur purrize package.

wes wants to fanks effuryone fer par-tis-a-pay-ting in ars contest. we hopes yus had funs cuz we dids. mommees says we mights hafs anofers contest iffens she finds somefin else thats weird.


  1. o, congratulashuns... i's gonna post this on tha Cat Blogosphere right nows.... KC

  2. Yay, Kimo and Sabie! Dis wuz fun. Speshully da pickin uv da paper balls, mom sed dat wuz a good way to do it.

  3. Congratulations on your win, Kimo and Sabi(my valentine)....Missy

  4. WE WON - WE WON - WE WON! Wooo hoooo! We's never won anything before! (well, 'cept we was finalist in Skeezix's Food Lady Contest)

    We been lookin' at the kitties at "Best Friends" for a couple of weeks, thinkin' of which kitty we would choose - and we choose "Skywalker" (#64) 'cause we lives furry close to Mr. George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch!

    We are soooooo excited! We can't find yer email, so's if you email us, we will email you back wif our snail mail address! Fanks sooooo much!


  5. Wow, congrats, Kimo & Sabi!!! You deserve it!

  6. Congratulations to Kimo & Sabi! we loved the paper ball idea too

  7. Congratulations Kimo (my valentine) and Sabi! Tara

  8. How cool for Kimo and Sabi to win your contest. Personally, I would never have guessed what that object was, but I would have played with it.


  9. Congratulations Kimo and Sabi! This was a very fun contest.

  10. That was a fun contest. Yeah for Kimo and Sabi! I like how you broke the tie.
    BTW, did anyone say it's a cat toy? Cuz DMM is right; Mom always says anyfing is a cat toy!
    Purrs ladies!