Thursday, January 11, 2007

just a quick note

just thought i would let everyone know that yuki still has her absolutely nasty disposition when it comes to taking meds. since i am keeping her confined in one room she can't run away and she is still too weak to run or fight me. that was my only saving grace when i went to give her the antibiotics tonight. she couldn't scratch or bite me but she sure gave me a spiteful glare. later, i saw her get up and drink some water on her own without any coaxing from me. that is a good sign.

tomorrow i will take her back to the vet. this time i will have to insert the needle. hubby said he would rather go pay our property taxes on the house. he hates needles worse than i do. i told him he would still have to hold her steady and keep her calm when we have to give her the fluids at home. i am sure that wasn't a look of enthusiasm on his face when i told him he had to help.

unless something changes (like really good news), i will be posting updates in the evenings. i am also going to let kimiko take over the posting duties for yuki while yuki is not feeling well.

take care.


  1. Boy Shirley you are a brave one with having to hydrate Yuki. I pray things will go well for you and Yuki. Sure am thankful that the kidneys aren't in full failure. Hope it's just a slight infection and the anti-biotics will help it. Come on Yuki get better. We love you.

    Casper and Crew

  2. Shirley, my heart goes out to you and Yuki. I truely hope that the antibiotics help out alot, and the sub-q fluids do what they are suppost to do. That is a good sign that she is drinking water on her own. Oh, and kd has a chickne and rice , besides the pate one. Then Eukanubah has a wet food, and dry food for kidney issues.
    Yuki, we hope you feel better soon. lots of prayers and kitty loverz to you.
    Yuki, my sweet friendz I hopes youz feeel better soon.-Snowy

  3. youll be surprised how easy it is. he holds her still and you hook up the bag then pull some skin lose on the side and push it thru, easy, and then turn on the liquid. keep her confined with a litter box for a little bit after cause its likely shell really hafta pee when done. then turn off the bag and remove the needle. just be carefull not to puncture yourself with the needle.

  4. My dad's the same way bout needles - he'd rather get the flew than a flew shot! Ask yur vet to trim Yuki's claws just cuz that's one less problem when she struggles. Or PetSmart will do it in their woofie salon fur about $8, but that's kinda stressful.

    Mom's firstest cat had pills fur years and years an it got easier ofur time, but she dreads the thot of EFUR pilling Bonnie!

    Best wishes to alla you an healin purrs.