Thursday, January 11, 2007

freaky friday

mommees said i gets to take ofers the postin duties while yuki is sick. so today i ams gonna show you my freaky friday pikshure. mommees took it wif hers cell phone. she saids its got a special settin that makes stuff look freaky. i looks like a rainbow kat. maybe thats how beans see us kitties whens they is on meds. that would splain alots bouts the ugly faces theys makes when we tries to makes them feels better by likin thair noses.

mommees does lets me into yuki's recovery room wif her in the evenings. she says i won't feels left out and get too jealous iffens she does that. i mites fink she is spendin time all her times wif yuki and not me.


  1. Kimiko, that is a very freaky pic-fer of youz. Gives yuki, snuggles for us pleaze.-Snowy

  2. WHOA! Ya know, that aminds me of my last vet visit, when they made me sleepy an I woked up wif clean teefs, trimmed claws, an a chip in my neck. Fur awhile, efurrything was like that.

  3. I like your rainbow look Kimiko! Freaky, lol! Hope Yuki is starting to feel some better!

  4. Hello Kimiko. Wow, my camera doesn't let me take pictures like that. You look pretty neat, freaky, but neat. I know Yuki is getting the help she needs, I also know that your taking care of the blog helps your Momma a bunch!

    Kat, SOME better? LOL! Your turn to be teased!

  5. How interesting you look Kimiko. Sure does make it a freaky Friday. When you get to visit Yuki give her purrs so she knows you want her to get well. Hope she is getting better.


  6. Eeek! Freaky? Dat's skeery! No wunder beans looks at us funny when we liks their noses if they see dat!
    Purrrrrrrrrs to alla yall, specially Yuki to get all well fast :)
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree