Thursday, January 11, 2007

and the results are . .

the vet says yuki problem is her kidneys. they haven't failed (YEAH!!!) but they are not doing their job 100%.

fair warning: i can never spell, pronounce or remember the names of drugs. if it isn't on a prescription bottle i will never remember what it is called. i do remember what is for or what it is suppose to do.

the goal right now is to get her rehydrated. so i took her to have them give her some fluids - subcutaneously (i think that's how it is spelled). well, i take her back tomorrow and then i have to give the fluids to her until the doc says we can stop. there is a chance she may have to have this done not as often but still forever. ummm, my issue is with the needle. i can take shots but to insert a needle into another living thing. this is going to be a BIG challenge for me.

she is also going to have to take some antibiotics as one of her counts was a bit elevated and this indicates possible infection. he also will be putting her on a drug which will dilate her blood vessels to get more blood to flow to her kidneys. this is suppose to help them work more efficiently since her kidneys are not fully functional.

she will also change her diet to feline kd. i hope they made it taste better than when my saimese had to eat it. he wouldn't touch it.

i will post her progress as i can. it will usually be in the late evenings unless i can sneak some time in somewhere else. thank you's to everyone for all the prayers. but as this is going to be a long road to travel please continue to remember our family. take care.


  1. Shirley, I have been so worried! My Sister-in-law had a cat that had to be on an IV for a short time everyday. I don't know if it was the same problem but I can ask. Anyway, I'll find out if her cat had to put the needle in or if she had a port that she connected to. She may be able to offer some advice. It got to be second nature for her and for the cat. She had to do it for the rest of Shadow's life but it made her life a lot more comfortable. As always my friend, I am praying.

  2. What a relief that it isn't anything too serious! You'll get used to the needle. Practice on an apple! That's what my mom did when she had to start giving my grandmother insulin shots at home.

    And Kim, lol, read your sentence that starts with "Anyway" again! It just didn't sound right, lol! I know cats are smart, but... ;)

  3. Oh, we's so glad it is somefing that you n the V-E-T can help Yuki with. :) We'll keep sending purrs and purrayers for alla yall :)
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  4. We're sorry that Yuki isn't feeling well. Mommy had to do that subq thing with Vincent who came before. She says the needle is so sharp that you barely need to push, and wasn't nearly as hard to do as she thought it would be. If you can do it with 2 people, that is best. 1 to stab, and 1 to pet and reassure Yuki. Good luck!

  5. You have to get Yuki to eat something so ask your vet if he can give her an appetite stimulant. From my experience with George's early kidney problems, he doesn't like the taste of the $25.00 a bag KD food. So before you spend that (unless you already have) ask the vet if you can get a sample for her to try.

    Crews' Mom

  6. Ok, well it's furry good that the kidneys has not failed. Mommy says that the needle fing is hard, but she didded it with The One Who Came Before, and if it comes right down to it, and it has to be done, you will find it in yourself to do it.
    Yuki - you gets better darlin!! - Miles

  7. Glad to hear that Yuki is going to be OK! I understand how you feel about using a needle, but in all likelyhood it will hurt you more than Yuki!


  8. Poor Yuki! At least thare's sumfing that can be dun to help her get better. We'll keep sending purrs her way.

  9. Sending lots of purrs from the Big Piney Woods.


  10. KAT!!! You're not suppose to read to closely! LOL! Now I can't stop laughing! STOP PICKING ON ME, I'm fragile don't ya know! LOL! J/K! Ya know I love ya, at least most of the time I do!

  11. hope yuki will be feeling much better very soon. good luck with the shot-giving. you can do anything you have to, to keep your baby in health--believe me! and our nelson lapurr has eaten feline kd for years and years, and never complained. it comes canned and kibbled, and he does furry well on it! we will purr and purray for you all!!

  12. We're so glad that Yuki can be helped with medication. We'll keep her(and you) in our thoughts and prayers.