Saturday, November 25, 2006

fishy flakes!

we wants to share ars mostest favorite treat of all wif efferyone . . . FISHY FLAKES!!!! they ars soooooo good we luvs them more than stinky goodness!

as yu kan see we ar fery alert to the sound of fishy flakes being put in a bowl fer us.

ummm, this is fery dee-lis-she-ous!!

mommees i is not done! there ars some teeny bits still in the bowl!

afers cleanin arselfs we curls up and gets some zzzzz's


  1. the fish flakes are actually dried bonito(?) shavings. they are packaged for human consumption. since my mom is oriental this has always been a part of our diet. all of the cats we have ever had has loved the "fishy flakes".

  2. Gosh fishy flakes sound interesting. Mom do you think you can find us some?? See how Yuki and Kimiko love them and how they make them sleep so good at nap time. I want some.

    Casper wants to know if you can buy them in the grocery store??

  3. Emma say Mmmmmm! Can we find them here in an oriental grocery?

  4. whoa! we want summa those! we bet our swimmy turtles is gonna be jellus too.

  5. fishy flakes can be purchased in oriental food stores. if you have trouble finding them drop us an email and we will see about helping find some for you.