Friday, August 11, 2006

we luvs the tower hill mob!

hi efurryone! yuki & kimiko are so excited about receiving their secret paws package they wanted me to post for them. pursonally i think they still can't see straight from all the catnip. i believe they will have to join catnip anon. i was hoping to post some of the pics i took of them but i am having issues with either blogger or my security software. maybe both. as soon as i get things worked out i will post the pics.

fair warning: some of the pics will be embarrasing to certain kitties in my house. it really was shameful how they acted. i think they are almost back to "normal" this evening only because i hid the nip after they both inbibed a bit too much.


  1. Emma can't wait to find out who her secret paw is!! Can't wait to see pix of what your guys got!

    How's Rex? I left you a comment on Kat's Cat today and I was kinda worried since we haven't heard from you there! Still busy working?

    Also, Emma tagged you in your comments on the previous post here.