Saturday, August 12, 2006

secret paws package arrives

mommy, i smell nip!

the secret paws package arrived while i was at work. luckily, it was put where nosey noses couldn't sniff it out and tear into it.

this is only a few of the many pics i took of my two furry children enjoying their gift. they were so pleased with what toby, tilly and their mum ( the tower hill mob ) picked out for them. i think i heard a snorted "thank you" between the squirms and rolls that accompanied the delightful effects of nip. of course after the nip and ball game, two little girls had a bad case of the munchies. kimiko, who is the biggest begger, was overjoyed to know that treats were packed in the box too. yuki, who is the queen of nip, managed to down her fair share of goodies from her new bowl.

is there any more stuff in here?

this sure is some really, really good stuff!

i will post more pics on the effects of nip tomorrow (i hope).


  1. Wow, what a nice gift box. So many nice "prezzies" for the kitties. Someone picked out some really neat stuff.

    Great shots of the cats, too, enjoying their surprise.

  2. we luvs those balls though Midnight keeps hiding ours. those bowls is so bee-u-tee-full! they looks like they're from Huh-y-eee.

  3. oh - great box too. many hours of playtime right there - don't let your momma frow it away. some uninformed humans fink boxes is trash. the Tower Hill Mob knows how ta shop!

  4. What great gifts! How I missed this posting....????????! Dunnow! Anyway, here I am! What adorable bowls and toys! So anxious to receive our SP stuff and find out who it is!!