Monday, November 11, 2013

Natural Balance Platefuls

We are reviewing Natural Balance Platefuls for  These are grain free (no corn, soy, or wheat) and have no artificial flavors or colors. We received no monetary compensation for our review.

Kintaro and TT tried the Chicken & Giblets in Gravy and the Turkey, Chicken & Duck in Gravy formulas.

As you can see, Kintaro is a little messy when he eats. He had a little trouble with the food as it was in slices. He cannot seem to be able to eat those slices that adhere from the side and bottom of the plate. Kintaro has a somewhat smooth tongue and prefers pate' or ground food.

TT, on the other hand, had no problems getting those slices into her tummy. She is notorious for removing food from the bowl to eat it off of the floor.  

 This photo shows the slices in gravy. Lots of morsels and enough gravy to coat them.

A couple more photos of TT and Kintaro enjoying their samples.

I did have to sprinkle a few fishy flakes on the first bowl I gave to Kintaro. He is somewhat picky and he knew this wasn't his regular canned cat food. Once Kintaro tasted it, he liked it. I did like the handy pouches. No utensils were needed to open and pour into the plates.


  1. I found them pretty tasty too!

  2. Good review. We tried those and give them 2 out of 3. Wally and Zoey likes them, but I didn't.


  3. That looks like a tasty review ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  4. Those do look pretty tasty. Thanks for the helpful review! :)

  5. Wow you look like you're doing as good as Mom as far as posting on blogger. It is good to see Kintaro and TT enjoying their Nom. Mom has been checking out what is in my food too. I no longer get party treats cause she says it has dye in it, but still getting tempations as well as my regular far. If she decides to change sure hope it's good. Mom came out of her hole and let me comment on some blogs today when she is suppose to be doing other things. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving

    Cleo and Mom

  6. Looks yummy. :)

    Happy Gotcha Day, Kintaro.

  7. Happy Calendar Cat Day to Kintaro.

  8. January 16th is Kintaro day on the Cats of the CB calendar. Happy Thursday!

  9. That food looks very tasty and I'm sure it's very healthy, but Oja can't have gravy. It gives her the runs.

  10. It all looks yummy. Unfortunately, gravy gives Oja the runs, so we won't be trying it. Thank you for purring for Bambino. It worked and he's well again.