Thursday, April 25, 2013

not good mews but GREAT mews!!!

In our last post we told you about a cat that we found. Pretty little Gracie went HOME! I had posted about finding her in a local lost pet group on facebook. Someone finally recognized her and messaged me. She went home that evening!

To finish off our great mews post, Buddy has been accepted at Rikki's Refuge! This is a super group that helps so many different animals. Now they will be helping Buddy become adoptable! I am so excited. I will be helping in the transport to get him up to the refuge. Please visit their website and support their efforts by sharing and, if you can, donating.

One more thing, please keep all of the people helping with the transports in your prayers. Drivers give up their time and money to help animals in need. It takes a lot of work to put together and arrange a transport. Be a cheerleader for the animals, drivers, fosters, planners and rescues!


  1. Great Noos, Indeed! Let's hope Gracee gets her ladygarden-ectomy once she gets home.

    Enjoy your noo life, Buddy. We hopes you gets a furrrever home of your own soon.

  2. That is AWESOME news! I am glad somebody was missing Gracie, and she was not just a throwaway. And I am also happy that Buddy is being helped by Rikki's Refuge. Paws up for taking care of them both.

  3. Such wonderful news! We are so glad that Gracie was able to go back home, and that Buddy can go to Rikki's Refuge!

  4. This is marvellous news! We've heard hood things about Rikki's Refuge and hope that gorgeous Buddy gets on well there. We're so happy that Gracie and her humans were reunited, we hope she gets spayed now too

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape

  5. I've been wondering about Buddy, but couldn't remember where I learned about him! Out of nowhere this afternoon I remembered "momsbusy" and that was the key. It's great to hear that he was allowing you to touch him and brush him before he went to Rikki's Refuge. You have given him a chance at a good life!