Tuesday, May 26, 2009

told you on tuesday

GUESS WHAT! i finally got moms and the gerl to figure out what my name is.

i kept getting into trouble all of the time. so they started saying i was triple trouble.

then moms said i was her little tater tot.

then i showed them all my fancy footwork by climbing up stuff and jumpin down and running all ofer and efen swatin that big ol orinch cat that livs here.

so they said i had twinkly toes.

after awhile they figured out my name.

my name is . . . .


schmoo (which moms loves to peeces) hafs a sisfur that went to tha bridge a week ago. hers name was TT too. but moms forgotted she knew a kitty named TT (she says it mus be early old timers disease - LOL). moms saids that the funny thing wuz that they decided on TT last monday - the same day that schmoos sisfur gots so sick ans wents to tha rainbow bridge. schmoos mom says that i mites gots some of her TT spirit in me. she says iffens i starts stealin stuff ans hidin it that it mites be hers TTs spirit comin out in me.


  1. HI TT, we finks that is a pawsome namez furz youz. Youz lookz very cutez in all of your pic-ferz.

    Hi my sweet and BEAUTIFUL YUKI! Oh, how I have missed snuggling with youz in the warm sunshine.
    Purrs and headrubberz.. your mancat, Taps

  2. TT you are too precious for words!!!

  3. We just ♥ youz name! Isn't it wunnerful when youz loved an' someone carez 'bout youz name? Speshul fur sure.

  4. Hallo My littel TT i hope you will be and stey all your names sey seing you on her bring happy tears to my eys i hope u drive your mom nuts hahahaah AND i know my TT will pop in from time to time to get you in the dog house and i know u will be loved I JUST want to sques u beautiful baby

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!! What adorable photos!! Squeee.

  6. Hi little TT! That's a perfect name for you. You got the cutest little face! One of my very good friends who had to go to the Bridge a while ago was named TT, so I really like that name.

  7. You are such a cutie pie, TT! Kisses and extra scritches from your auntie Kat!

  8. What cute photos...and love the name of your blog. Thanks for stopping by at www.confuciuscat.blogspot.com
    Confucius Cat aka Alley Mason