Monday, May 25, 2009

monday memories

moms says today is memorial day. we is suppose to remember those who hafs sakrificed for ours country. i dont knows much about all thats since i hafnts been here very long. moms says that lots of men ans gerl beans gave up their freedom and efen their lives to protect our freedoms.

moms daddy wuz in a war to protect us - he is still wif us but he is sick from something called agent orange. he worked next to the big metal flying machines that carried that bad stuff. now moms daddy gots diabetes, nerve damage, memory problems and breefing problems. but hims still loves kitties. he gots 3 in his house and 2 that lifs outside (theys adopted hims and moms mommy). moms is fery proud of her daddy for hims protectin ours country.

she says we can buy all the stinky goodness we want wif ours green papers becuz they protected our freedom. moms tolded me that some kittys cant afford things like soft cuddly beds, nip or stinky goodness cuz they is too expensive in the country where they lives or that the stores donts hafs it cuz it so hard to get. the beans get to vote for the beans they wants to rep-re-zent them in wash-a-ton dc. them beans are suppose to make rules for all beans to follow. rules like beans get in big trouble and haf to live in a apeshul crate furever if they hurt other beans real bad or deaded them. moms said they is makin more rules so beans cants hurt cats, dogs and other animals effer.

we wants to say a fery speshul THANK YOU to all of thebeans that hafs protected ours freedoms.

moms said that there were woofies that helped the beans sometimes so we need to thank the woofies too. THANK YOU woofies.


  1. Today our momma putz up a page to thank all 'a da veterans an' soldiers frum warz dat makez us safe. And, 'specially, the solders that spilled their blood and gave their lives so we can have freedom.

  2. I'm sorry your moms daddy got a bad sick, but I want to thank him for his service. My grampa flewed Caribou transport planes in the service, but I never got to meet him because he passed away before I was borned.

    I am glad BAD beans who hurt others have to live in a special crate forever. I do not like when beans and animals get hurted.

  3. We're sorry your Mom's Daddy got sick from that nasty Agent Orange. We're thankful that there are brave men and women like him who serve our country.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids