Tuesday, April 14, 2009

good mews? / bad mews?

GOOD MEWS? all of the grand blurpys got to come ofer fur easter. so we hads Easter and Chrissymouse on the same day. we hid cuz there wuz so much beans here we thot we mite gets stepped on.

BAD MEWS? sumthing is going on at our house. the nite before Easter moms brot a box home. it smelled fery funny - not ha ha funny - it didnts smell like us. we will post more as we find out what is going on. kintaro mite hafs to go unnercover like he did when the aliens invaded our house. yu can reed all abouts sekret agent k adventures here, here, and here.


  1. We are so glad your family was able to have Chrissymouse and Easter together!

    Wonder what is in that box???

  2. We're so glad that your whole bean family got to come together for Easter. It was probably a good idea for you kitties to keep a low profile though, 'cos being stepped on is no fun. The box sounds very suspicious - investigating it sounds just the job for Agent K.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  3. Glad to see so many come and enjoy Easter with you.

  4. What's in the box? What's in the box? We can't wate to see. What kind of box? Did it have holes in it? How big is it?

    Kintaro, my sweet mancat, pleeze be careful if you go 'vestigating. And thank you so much for the byootiful flower!


  5. we's waitin' (im)patiently to hear the news!!!! c'mon, agent K!

  6. Wow! Christmas and Easter at the same time??!? Now that's a holiday! We can't wait to hear about what's in the box!

  7. Hmmmm... We wonder what's in that box. Make sure you keep your eye on that box.

    Fluffy and Bonkers

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  9. hi we so happy u have time fur your self we dont blog we bean ben sick her miss u all us to

  10. Christmas and Easter at the same time. Poor you. We understand the hiding. We can't wait to find out more about the box.

  11. WOW we love Kimiko's close up picture in the posts below!! And do you have two colored eyes Yuki? How stunning! We are so happy that you won the pretty tapestry with the kitties on it. It will make an awesome sleepy place for you. The winning bid was your $20+$3 shipping...
    That is such a big help to my Vet bills. I am grateful for my loving friends...I will have your address when you make your PayPal payment on my bloggy...there is a button on the sidebar.
    Thank you so very much for all your purrrs,
    Love Miss Peach (sleeping the day away)

  12. We are da kitties frum over at Our family cat-t-blog where you left a comment today. We comed over here ta say meow-y and tanks so much fer sayin' nice stuff over at our bloggy cuz we're new.

  13. Hi!!! We haz nevfur mets you, but you stopped by to see us when my brudder da MAxi waz so sick.
    Da momee here wants to tellz you how much it meant to her dats you came by to purr fur da Maxi. We almostee losted him & da momee almostee losted her mind.
    It iz becuz of kitteez likes you dats we all made it through.
    We lovez you,
    Dr Tweety

  14. Bet your Mom was really happy she finally got to celebrate Christmas and Easter with all her family. We always hide too when Mom and Dad have company. If Kintaro has to go undercover I'm sure he'll find out what is going on. We figures your Mom was working hard when you hadn't posted in awhile. Bet she was mighty busy with the big blast that went on at your place with the blurpy's and all. Well, hope things get back to normal for you soon.