Monday, June 30, 2008

from behind enemy lines

sekret agent K here. i is standin alurt. washin out fur the introoders.

i has gots a few pikshures of the introoders. it wuz hards to sneek up on thems whens they wuz meetin. it wuz efen harder to post. they hafs cut off the pafs to the big puter ans it tooks furefer to find a ways to post. but thems gots lazee ans left it ungarded so heres i am - reportin frum the frunt lines.

di furst guy wuz spotted.

this guy heres mus be da leeder. he is super size.

one of thems is blue! he mus be frum outer space. a troo a-lee-un

one had its disguys on. he wuz tryin to look like one of us kats. hims didnts fool me!

sorry the pikshures arnts beffer. but i was shakin so hards frum the eggsitement that i coodnts holds the camera stedy.

i hopes i kan get sum beffer pikshures to show yu next times i get to sneek on the puter.

sinnin off fur now
sekret agent K


  1. Nothing's going to get past you!!!

  2. How exciting to get a report directly from the front line! Be careful, those intruders look very crafty.

  3. HA SHMOO here u ar not werry good K man if this is the best u do u make me wate and wate for all this times and u give me noting FUE on u But u can kiss u bean for me her fink i cute he he he and dont tell her i was on the puter ok ok then i will be ENEMY #1 and we vill find u K so make sue u kepe lookin over your tale u newer no nononon

  4. I am worried for u Agent K! Please keep us updated on those intruders! :P

  5. ok time to put up a new blog ok we is not taking it no more

  6. Great reporting ~ you iz furry brave to be such a wonderful sentinel for your house...

  7. SnowForest's human here: thanks for your comforting words in this tough time following the loss of our Forest ~ we greatly appreciate your kindness...

  8. Good job, sekret agent K!

    We'll be watching for the pictures.

  9. oh my goodness! have they taken over? you haven't posted in ever so long and i'm afraid the intruders got you!!! ack!