Thursday, January 22, 2009

thursday thirteen

we is gonna do our first thursday thirteen.

  • mommees has been really busy at work ands is feelin kinda icky lately. she says she is fightin to keep frum gettin sick.
  • daddees is waiting to hear frum the census beans abouts takin a sooper-visor class. he passed wif flyin colors so he can get a sooper-visor po-si-shun. the job is only temperary so he gots to keep looking. daddees hasnts had any checks for a month.
  • we wents to the v-e-t
  • kintaro got all of his shots, yuki & kimiko only gots 1 shot! sumthin abouts being older kitties that NEVER go outside so they didnts hafs to get the fiv shot.
  • kintaro gotted lazy affer gettin his shots. the v-e-t said to watch hims ans call back if he still acted lazy after 24 hours. hims think kintaro was runnin a fever from the shots.
  • yuki weighs 6.3 pounds
  • kimiko weighs 9.6 pounds
  • kintaro weighs 10.3 pounds
  • the v-e-t saids that yuki & kimiko ars doin a fery good job of making themselfs pertty. he tolds mommees sum older cats do not groom themselves fery well.
  • kintaro hafs been kissing kimiko on the top of hers head. sumtimes she gets hissy but sumtimes she donts. maybe they will be furrends sumday.
  • mommees says we is gonna hafs Chrissymas sumday soon. bof of the grownup girls (daddees girls frum anofer mommees) coodnts com fur ar girls purffday ans fur Chrissymas. one of thems was sick ans the ofer had a sick little girl (double ear infections).
  • we is gonna hafs anofer grand blurpy fery soon! this will be grand blurpy number 7!
  • we is still workin on the raffle. mommees is haffin trubble findin sum of the stuff she gots. she says thats what happens when you lets a man move stuff. they put it sumwhares ans yu cants find it.


  1. Great Thursday Thirteen!

    Hurray for your daddy! I hope he finds a permanent job soon. I hear that the money job hunting thing is scary for lots and lots of beans right now. :(

    I'll purr for Kintaro. Shots are never fun.

  2. Furry good Thursday 13!! We hopes your daddy finds a forever jobbie soon too.

  3. You sure have a lot going on at your house! I hope your mom does not get sick, and I am glad your dad qualified for the snoopervisor job.

    Yuki, I did not realize you were so little! I used to weigh just 6, but now I am over 7 pounds!

  4. Quiet days. Sounds nice!

    Cliff & Olivia

  5. We sure are glad to hear from you guys! Dat's grate news abowt yore daddee's job fingy. Mom is getting a box togevver to send you for the raffle, she just has to make a few more collar charms like she promissed you. We hope yore mom is feeling better soon and doesn't get sick. Sending lots of purrs!

    Finny Buddy & Jazzy

  6. A very good TT! I hope your Dad gets a snooperviser position and your Mom stays well and I'm glad you kitties are doing so well


  7. Good T13!! There's lots going on in your lives! Glad your vet visit went well!

  8. That was a very, very busy Thursday Thirteen! You all have so much going on, how do you keep up? And another grand blurpy, how neat! Momma and Daddy only have one, but hope for more ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon
    Pee Ess ... Kintaro keep on kissing Kimiko, you will be furriends!

  9. We wanted to thank you for the purrs for our Pop!!

  10. Purrs and prayers for your Daddy to get that snooperviser job, and also getting a permanent job very soon, and Momma not getting sick and Kintaro to stay well after all those shots. So sorry to hear about the Christmas and birthday celebration being put off as I know everyone was really looking forward to that. Hope it will be super special when you do get to celebrate. Congratulations on the new grand baby bean coming soon. Mom is going to be great grandma again in March. It's going to be a great grandson, brother to Shelbie.


  11. We hope your Mommy is feeling better now?

  12. First you are very pretty, I miss my cat Melody, she is at the Bridge waiting for me. I know what your mum means when men help out, I hope your daddee gets his job.

  13. G'day guys, we're a little late but we're glad to read that your Dad did well on the snoopervision test. We hope he gets a good job 'cos of it. Purrs to your Mom and to Kintaro to stay well and to your family, and we hope you enjoy the delayed Christmas celebration with everyone together.


    Gypsy & Tasha