Sunday, January 04, 2009

slow start to a new year

kimiko - as you can see we haves been taking it easy. we gots a lots of temptations, a new bed, and a new tent from sandy paws. mommees hads to go buy a second bed cuz a certain orange kat started hoggin the first one. since that certain orange cat wuz actin so bad, yuki woodnts even come out to see what we gots. she only came in the living room later when the orange terror wuz asleep.

we hadnts really had ours offishul Chrissymouse day yet. we are havin that on the 10th. the newest granbean got sick so hims family coodnt come so we desided to wait to have the family Chrissymouse day until our girls birfday weekend.

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yuki - mommees is gettin the raffle ready. we will host it on ours Y2K4 friends blog. mommees gots sum really good stuff. she is not sure if she wants to have lots of individual stuff to give effurryone a chance to win sumthin or maybe a few groups of stuff so a pawful of kitties can win or just one mega purrize. tell us what you think in the comments. she wants to have the raffle ready to start by the girls birfday.

part of the green papers will go to ours v-e-t bill (cuz daddees donts got a day jobbie fur a hole year now). mommees had to take kimiko the ofer day fur her coughing thingy. she gots a shot in her . . . um . . . er . . . hiney ans is on aunti-bi-otics cuz the v-e-t say she gots sum problems wifs her gums. dat wuz 64 green papers. we goes to the v-e-t fur our chekups on the 19th. the other parts of the green papers will goes to cats in need. the lady is still tryin to catch the momma kat and her kittens. she said momma kitty comes to her house only when it rains to take shelter under her deck. no one knows where she goes when the sun shines.

kintaro - finally mine turn! i hafs desided that i luuuuuuuuuvvv any kinds of gravy/sauce frum mommees plate. i efen luvs the broth frum her homemades beef begetable soup. i ask furry politely by puttin my paws on the edge of the table to let her knows i am ready fur my treat. she gifs me a little taste on hers finger fur me - just fur me! she luvs me best you know.

momsbusy here. i will be taking the photos of all of the raffle goodies after i get some feed back on how to or not to group the items. please include your thoughts on if i should have individual items with lots of winners, a few groups of prizes with a few winners or just one big prize package with one winner. there is a variety of items including a set of 4 warren kimble country cat mugs, cat scrapbooking items, kitty stockings and webkinz. there is more but i don't want to spoil the surprise of what is going to be offered. tickets will be $2 for each entry; $5 for 3 entries or $10 for 7 entries.

i promised the kitties i would be available to help them post more often. they seem to think that i should not let the things of the world interrupt my caring for their needs. would any of you other cats in the blogosphere like to remind yuki, kimiko, & kintaro that there would be no temptations or stinky goodness if i don't go to work and earn those green papers? thank you in advance.


  1. Here's to you all having a grand Christmas day on the 10th and everyone being well. Kintaro, we agree about gravy, only the most special cat gets a lick of gravy!
    Glad you got some great gifts from Santa Paws.

    Happy New Year to you all!

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. How exciting that you still get to have a Christmas celebration to look forward to!

    Kimiko, I am sorry you have problems with your gums. That sounds very Not Fun.

  3. You've still got Christmas fun coming - yay!

    I hope Kimiko feels better soon!

  4. You still get to celebrate Christmas??!? Oh what fun!!!

    We hope you can catch that momma cat and her babies...

  5. Thank you for your nice note for Misty. My mom is giving lots of green papers to our vet too. But if it give Misty a longer life, that is ok.
    Yuki.....what do you get fed? Misty is pretty finicky and only will eat Fancy feast and only when it is fresh! So mom has been opening 4-5 cans a day for her! Do you still feel ok, without pain? That is my mom's biggest worry....that she does not want Misty to be in pain.
    Thanks for coming by my blog!

  6. Those are some awesome presents. I hope your mum catches the mom cat soon.

  7. We're sending cough-soothing and gum-healing vibes and purrayers to Kimiko.

  8. That's a kewl collage! You look like you are having a blast. Get some pawbreakers too.
    Have fun with the papers on Christmas.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Thank you for coming by and leaving nice words for us about our Bandit.

    ~ The Bunch, minus one

  10. We're glad you guys are doing ok, we were worryd bowt you wen you din't post for so long. We sure hope the lil blurpy will be feeling better soon.

    Have fun wif yore speshul Chrismouse visits and I hope Kintaro gets lots of gravy - I (Buddy) LOVE gravy too!

    Hugs & purrs,
    Finny Buddy & Jasmine

  11. O MY lord your bean is not feling to guud he let u all put pic on here and blog on her pc fank u all fur the goodes you have your bean send us YES we kill all the fefus wif in 10 min We know we are rotten OK her come bean uing an aing about all them pic of u all. (NUT)We sorry you is not feling good baby hope your mum will make it better soon we think u all BEAUTIFUL BABYS

  12. The new bed and tent is soooo awesome!!

  13. Today is the 10th. Hoping you are having fun on your Crissymouse day and hoping the girls are having great birthdays. My mom is paying off a vet bill too, when she had Patches' blood test done. Patches is fine. Mom says the vet visits keep going up and up. She said pretty soon she won't be able to take us anymore, so she's praying we all stay well. Patches' teeth need to be done but she says it costs more than doing her own teeth. Mom thinks a few winners might be a good idea.

    Kimiko, sure hope you are feeling better now. Hope you got Momma and her kittens.

    My Mom would like to thank your Mom for her comments on mom's
    scripture posts. She really enjoys them, as they have really good insights.

    We hope all of you have a great New Year filled with many Blessings


  14. Thanks for visitn our blog. I hope your Christmas was nice and the visits to the vet are quick and painless. Meowmie has been feeding us the new dental catfood made by Friskies and we just love it.

    Da OMC's

  15. i'm sure dat even when yoor mommeh haz no jobs dat she can find ways ta bring yoo stinky goodness. Dats wat i tell MAI mommeh. Her will find a ways. mai needs comes furs k? dun let yoor mommeh tell yoo odderwise. dem mus be lyin. who wudna wanna spend ALLA dere tim wif us?

  16. Yoo can werk wifout really werking when yoo do what yoo want to wif yur life. Do what yoo want da most an da green papers will follow. Dat's owr fillosophy fur da day. We don't werk an we gets efurryting we wants rite? We jus gibs love an takes care of da spideys an ofur bugs in da howse an life am good. Rite?

  17. Kimiko, Yuki and Kintaro, unfortunately all of our beans can't spend as much time with us and let our bloggies slide at times because they have to get those green papers ... but they love us so much and want to make sure they take care of us! You all are soooo cute in your picture collage, and all of the beds and tents, you have it made in the shade ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  18. Hi momsbusy and your 3 kitties! Nice to meet you all too.

    Thank you for your advice about what to do about the Grey Cat. I think my Food Lady will take all of the advice about feeding the Grey Cat some place where I can't see it. As a formerly feral kitten, I always act like I might disappear if I don't like how the People are behaving. If they are too nice to the Grey Cat, I will be very upset.

    My People also wonder what is up with the Pink People and all of the cats. They are the world's worst neighbors, so we can't really talk to them about the Grey Cat as you never know how they will react. The other cats they had also had behavior problems.

    Thanks for your kind help.

    Purrs, Halloween

  19. OK TIME TO TAKE DAY OFF SICK DAY FROM WORK and stey home and post we is not putin up wif this you is a bad bean u dont help all this beautiful babys of your to blog we miss them SHMOO

  20. Happy Belate new year~!
    I love this new lovely start!

  21. I got that same tent for Christmas and love it!