Monday, November 03, 2008

mancat monday

i wants you to meet the mancats that came before.

this guy is cheebie. his name is japanese and means little/small. he wuz a tiny little fellow when mommees founded hims at hers works. he wuz the alpha male in the house. if you look closely he is showin mommees what he thinks of the flashy pikshure box.

this handsome fella is mako. ars bachan (japanese for grandmother) named hims. he wuz just a little fella at 17 pounds. he really like Christmas. he liked to climb in the bottom limbs of the tree and take naps. mommees started puttin bells on the limbs so she could hears when he wuz sneakin into the tree.

i wants to introduce you to our bachans mancat. he lifs at hers house.
his names is sandy. he loves to eat anything you eat (almost). he is a solid 14 pounds of catitude.
there were other mancats that came before me. mommees has the old style photos of thems. she gots to get them scanned and put on the puter. one day she will get "a round tuit" and i will introduce them to you.


  1. Is Mako laying on a bag of popcorn? hahaha! He won't even have to get up from his nap to have a snack!

    Thanks for introducing us to these fine Mancats!

  2. I enjoyed meeting all of those mancats!

  3. yep! thats a bag of popcorn that mako is layin on. it really must hafs been fluffy popcorn.


  4. wow we love this seein past babys it is a lot of funn our bean is showing pic of us whe we was new HER sey your past babys ar beautiful ans we hope u dont wate to long to tell us allbaout them

  5. Thanks for telling us all about the Mancats who have been in your family!

  6. Thank yoo fur sharing the mancats dat came afore...we only haf Punkin and she was a girl.

  7. They look like very nice mancats Kintaro - they're fine examples for you to follow.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  8. Thank you for sharing your past mancats. It's always interesting to see cats from the past. All of your mancats (and you) are very beautiful

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Its so nice to meet all of you!

  10. Well Kintaro, I think you will fit in real nice with the rest of the ManCats that came before you. You can hold your own. Good picture of you. Well, I think Mom has a new idea about the Christmas tree......putting bells on it. I like to undecorate the tree, and I would probably love to play with those bells.


  11. Wow! They're all so handsome! You're invited over on Saturday! Here's the invitation!