Thursday, November 13, 2008

finally friday

it is finally friday!! mommees is so happy. she goes to a local bakery on friday mornings and gets her a speshul cup of coffee (cafe' au lait (decaf coffee) w/ vanilla) every friday morning to celebrate gettin thru anofer week.

i is gonna tell yu a sekret. dont tell my mommees i told yu tho. but she is gonna haf to give up her speshul coffee. i herd her say that we ar gonna haf to cut bak on extras ans really pinch pennies. i think yu got to hafs thumbs to pinch dont yu? i herd her say that if things dont get better soon we mites hafs to cut bak on everyones treats. **gasp** do yu think she efen meant feline greenies????? i shure hopes not. i loves my feline greenies, yuki & kintaro loves them too!

but the sekret part i was tellin yu about is that daddees lost his job just before Catmas last year. we wuznts worried cuz he got lots of sperrience in his field (he knows auto parts ans racing applikashuns too) ans effurryone in ars town that werks wif cars knows daddees. well, guess what? the car industry deaded. he had a job abouts 4 times ans the bosses said they wuz hafin a hiring freeze. daddees donts hafs anymore unemployment cheks coming no more so he hafs been goin into his safins account.

mommees says she kans live wifouts hers speshul coffee. she has been workin on caturday helpin out a friend to erns extra green papers. she is gonna try to keep gettin us ars feline greenies no matter what happens. daddees is waitin to hears from sum beans abouts anofur job he interviewed fors. it will be a 75 minute commute each ways effury days but at least it will give hims green papers to pay that bill guy (i think he is the same one sammy ans miles moms gets mad wifs?).

pleese keeps ars mommees ans daddees in yur purrayers. mommees says the Lord will hep us make it thru the tough times. He will nefer gif us anyfings we cants handle if we just lean on Hims. do you finks He would likes sum kitty snuggles frum us? we wants to do ars parts to helps.

remember this is a sekret. shhh!!!


  1. We're really sorry you have to pinch those pennies. We will aim our super-sonic Kaze purrs in your direction in hopes that all is OK>


  2. We're sorry your daddy lost his job...our mom works in the car industry and she says things are really bad now...we will purray that your daddy finds some work again...and we will purray that you won't have to give up your greenies...that would be a shame...

  3. I will get purring so that jobs are found and got and greenies stay plentiful.

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. Oh, I sure do hope your dad will find a job soon. An extra-good job! These are very hard times.

  5. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    We hope that your Daddy gets a job soon!

  6. I's just posted you on tha Purrs & Purrayers bloggie.
    I's purring heavy-duty industrial strength purrs fur your daddy and all of you.
    These are furry hard times fur us all.

  7. We're so sorry that your Daddy is having such a tough time getting a job. We'll purr and purray for him to get a good job real soon.

    {{kitty hugs}}

    Gypsy & Tasha

  8. Oh, we hope you won't have to cut back on your greenies. In hard times, we need our treats to keep our energy up to comfort our humans. Our Jan cut out our treats a long time ago - except on special occasions -- but we still love her anyway. She's cut back on things for herself, so we don't feel cheated. Kind of like with your mom's special coffee. If they love us enough to keep us when times are tough, we can hang in there with them

    We hope your dad finds some work. We know it is hard on humans when there's no money coming in.

  9. love u girl and pry it will all fall in place i know it cant me esy to have him at home and no job Shmoo send u all his pur and pryaes fur u and we will newer tell how wes knows all this

  10. tell your bean to get on the pc and blog if her have to take a day of to du it so will BE

  11. Thank you for the purrs and purrayers for our family! We miss Caddy Caddy very much!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  12. We're sending you tons of purrs and purrayers that your Daddy finds a fantastic job very very soon. And we'll keep it a secret. Ok?

    Luf, Us

  13. We're sending a whole houseful of purrs & purrayers for a good job for your daddy. This stoopid economy - cats should be in charge of such things, not beans!


  14. we is keeping you in our thoughts and purrayers - we hpes that the thing that the president passed for more unemployment monies helps your daddy for a while! We is purring for a good jobbie for him. our daddy doesn't haf a jobbie eifur, so we knows how hard it is

  15. Oh Kimiko, we will keep your secret but in the mean time we will send purrs and prayers up for your Daddy. Mom's bean son is a mechanic and he's in a slump too. No body going anyplace to get their car fixed. Sometimes he only works four hours a day and sometimes he's sent home. I agree with Artsy Catsy, the government should put all of cats in charge we would fix it all.