Monday, August 25, 2008

mancat monday

here i is!!!

mommees bots sum swheat scoop litter from petco online. they is buildin a petco in ars town. so she figured she wood see what they hads so she cood buy frum them whens they open. wally world ans the groceree stores donts carry holistic food.

mommees thinks that i gots a bad tummy afer i got adopted cuz she gaves me stinky goodness whens i cames to live wif hers. i had been eatin nofin but crunchies.

she spents lots of green papers at the vets to run tests to see why i wuz pukin ans havins bad stinkies. the vet said i had IBD but mommees wuz thinkin maybe not. she tried the science diet ZD frum the vet. i thot mommees wuz gonna hafs to sell yuki ans kimiko to be able to buy my foods. it helped sum but she had to add fiber to my foods to get my stinkies to not be so ickee. then she puts me on holistic stuff ans guess what?!?! i only pukes whens i get a hairball!!! (or if i eats a bug, leef or sumthin else i shoodnts)

this is what i likes to do wifs the boxes she gets frum petco. i gonna miss gettin boxes whens the store opens. **sigh**


  1. We're glad the holistic food stopped you yakking. I (Eric) am prone to yakking. I love crunchies better than Stinky Goodness, but they make me yak, so we only get them in the morning. I have purrscription crunchies since I was ill, and they don't make me yak as often, although I do get lots of hairballs. The box looks like fun.

  2. I yak a wot too, so many hmmm....mine Mummy better buy some BETTER food for me! I don't think mine Mummy is going to escape unharmed though, if she stops mine stinky goodness.

  3. Those are lovely pictures. I'm glad the better food worked for you.

  4. Ninja love SWheat scoop. We tried it after her toe surgery. Hope you like it too!!

    Ninja & Brenda

  5. yu is so cute i love to be boxing wif u i fink u cute MUS