Thursday, August 28, 2008

be ars guest

look whoo came to bisit us.

its mr moth. i wanted to get up close ans gifs him a kiss but mommees nos dats i mite kinda eets hims. beesides, he wuz on the ofer side of the glass. all i cood hafs done wuz kiss the glass. yuk!!!

look who bisited my mommees at werk! mr bloo jay!!!

he is reely deelish, i mean, er, a perty color!!

mommees has a nice tree right outside hers window. she sees squirrel all the time too. sumtime pidgeons come to bisit. i wish she wood let me go to work wif hers.


  1. Hi y2k & the mom - I wanted to thank you for stopping by to offer words of support earlier this month when Neelix was getting ready to make his trip over the Bridge. So many beans and their kitties were nice and left messages. Have a great Labor Day weekend. :-) T.

  2. I think you should definately work on getting your mom to take you to work. There is so much happening there !!

  3. Hi all! i would like to go to your mommy's work and see the birdies and squirrel too!

    BTW Kintaro, I have IBD too. I have to take laxitone every other day (and my beans are lucky cause I love it!) and I have Prescription Hill ID (cruchy) and WD (stinky). I have not had a flair up in months and months on this diet. Only when my beans get "Lax" on the Laxitone. Good Luck!

  4. wow look at all them feves we can pley wif them they is live ones come over we gat samthing fur u

  5. That would be cool if you could go to work with your mom so you could "watch over" the blue jays and other birds. :)

  6. KC said...
    OK, it's settled, i's movin in wif Y2K. They's gotted too much cool stuff at them's house.
    Hee hee,