Thursday, October 18, 2007

she is not a happy camper

we is bloo.

mommees had just put a bunch of pikshures on the puter so she kood post them whens the puter got broked. she is not a happy camper.

she said she had sum fery kyoot pikshures of us. she wuz eggsited to gonna git a chance to post while she is only workin part time. she is not a happy camper.

mommees said that the puter shuts down all by itsefs. it donts care if yu is in the middle of sumfin impawtant like fixin a post fer yur blog. she is not a happy camper.

she says she has gots to order a parts to fix the puter. it is gonna cost her sum green papers. she is not a happy camper.

mommees says it mite meen we gets less temptations & fishy flakes.


  1. We hate it when the computer acts out. Doesn't it understand that its only reason for being is us??

  2. Aw. What's up with your puter? I can ask HeBean, he knows that kind of stuff.

  3. ARE u nuts u dont have a back up pc lol how ar u going to live with out a pc love u girl hope u get it fixt fast

  4. Wess temptations and fishy fwakes???
    The end of the world!!!!!

  5. Oh no! I am very sad that your computer eated your cute pictures. I hope it can get fixed soon. Computers are hard.

  6. Oh, I wouldn't be happy with less temptations and fishy flakes either!

  7. I can see why you are not happy campers and we sure don't blame you. My mom's computer keeps freezing up and she has to turn it off and on. Sometimes she gets mad and just leaves it off. We finally found out how to put links on the layout so we can go visiting more again soon.


  8. oh dear, compoopers can be such a PAIN ~the FLuffy Tribe

  9. Hi Yuki!
    i'm sorry that your meowmzie com-poo-ter is not working right. I hopes it gets fixed soon, and doesn't cost to much green paperz.
    Purrs and headrubberz..Taps