Tuesday, October 30, 2007

do you see what we see?

can you tell what is in the pikshure?

you can biggiefy the pikshure if yu need too.

if yu cants tell what it is then scroll down ans looks at the big pikshure.

can yu tell now? it is yuki takin a nap on mommees desk.

puter update: still broke. we got serious issues. gotta uninstall the new c drive and reinstall it accordin to the error message. then we gots to figure out if that is the only thing wrong wif it. we finks we gots a power source issue but it cood be the new c drive gots issues. so we gotsa wait till the guy who installed the new c drive has gots time to fix it. he is out of town workin right now. we gots the laptop but it donts gots but a few pikshures of us. so mommees says she is gonna hafs to take lots and lots of pikshures so we can posts. she gots these pikshures of yuki the ofer day.

mommees update: she is feelin better. she is gones back to work and abandons us all day. if she didnts buy us stinky goodness and treats we woods hafs to find a lawyer ans sue hers fer them. we has been tryin to hep her take naps but she wonts sit still. she mumbells abouts stinky litter boxes and cat food bowls that need to be cleened. go figure.


  1. Lovely picture - is that Yuki's tail or paw hanging - simply adorable :)

  2. its my paw! sometimes my head hangs off the edge. mommees gots to get a pikshure of that still.


  3. We knew it was your paw!!!

    Sorry to hear about your pooter issues. That sux.

    We're glad your mommee is feeling better and back to earning green paypers. And it's furry impawtant to keep litter boxes clean and food bowls clean. Yup.

    Luf, Us

  4. I figured out it was a paw! I am sorry your computer is still broked.

  5. Pooter problems just drive beans crazy. Our mom was so frustrated with her pooter that she finally said enuf is enuf. She got a new one and is going to clean up the old one for her brother. Mom is so happy now and she was able to get the most important stuff (our photos) off the old pooter. Glad to hear your mom is feeling better cause going back to work allows her to buy stinky goodness and treats.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  6. What a cute little paw! Sorry to hear about your computer, it is very hard to live without a computer!

    I'm glad your Mum is feeling better and back to work.

  7. "An Apple a day..." Mommakitty says that mean you need a Mac fer a computer - hehehe!

  8. Gwad your Mommee's feewing better. Bad wuck on the compoooter.

  9. What a cute little paw! I hope your 'puter gets fixed soon. Glad to hear your Momma's doing better too!

  10. Oh - those computer troubles sound awful!

  11. That is really really adorable pictures of you~!

  12. There is a paw paw leaning over the edge. Cute. So glad your Mom is feeling better. Sad for you cause she went back to work. Are you getting your treats? Mom broke down and bought us some stinky goodness this past week. She hasn't bought any since that food recall.

    Mom is having trouble with her puter too. The thing shuts down on her whenever it feels like it. One day it wouldn't come on at all. She has backed up all the pictures just in case the thing crashes. What ever that means. It would be kind of hard for it to fall down.