Friday, September 21, 2007

we is finally gettin to post agin

i am re training ars mommees on how to post stuff on ars blog. we finks she forgots how.

pay close attenshun mommees.

see the big box? thats ware yu put what we wants to blog abouts. stuff like ars faborite stinky goodness, fishy flakes, nap times and nip time.

thems buttons lets yu change stuff like how the letters looks and efen what color they is. ans yu can add pikshures too.

do you finks she did goods on this post?

pee ees - keep mommees in yur purrayers. she is hafin sir-ger-ee on october twos. fanks!

pee pee ess - mommees hases pomissed us she is gonna get the purrizes out soon.


  1. Yoo did a furry good job showing yer mum how to post. We hope her sirjurry goes well and we will be finking of her and purring furr her.

  2. Sometimes it is good to remind your mom about how things work. After all, you have to make sure she does your posting just the way you want it.

    I will be thinking of your mom on the 2nd and hope all goes well and she has a very fast recovery.

  3. su giod girl to hep u mom intink u cute girl Shmoo

  4. Good thing you are there to help your Mom.Hope your Mom's surgery is not too serious.I'll purr for her!

  5. HI Yuki, and Kimiko!
    We'z are glad to see youz got yor meowmize posting furz youz again. Taps was happy to see Yuki, I finks he needed snuggle timez with herz. We will all have our paws crossed, and lotz of purrayerz going out furz yourz meowmize the second.
    Peeeszzz, tell youz meowmize fro ourz. She was wonderingz if she was doing ok.

  6. I think your Mum did a very good post, with your help of course.

    I hope your Mum's operation goes well and she feels better quickly!

  7. We'll keep you mom in our purrs and prayers and hope everything goes well. Looks like you mom had a good teacher with getting her posts up. She got some good stuff goin'.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  8. That is very sweet of you showing how to blog to your mommy. I just order michico to do it~!!

    You are sweeter than me~!

  9. You are a good instructor! We will think good thoughts for your Mommy!

  10. You did a gweat job snoopervising!
    *purrs* for your Mommees.
    What's her surguwy for? Hope she'll be ok weal soon.

  11. Your poor mom! I hope her surgery goes well. I will keep her in my prayers and send healing purrs her way.

    You two did a good job of showing your mom how to blog.

  12. Very good instructions on how to post to your blog! You make it very simple and concise. We will pray for your Mom on Oct. 2 and that she has a fast recovery.
    Your FL furiends,

  13. Excellent teachins! I hope your Mom is okay!

  14. I hope that your Momma's surgery went well!

  15. Oh, you did a very good job reminding her how to blog! What would mommies do without us to remind them how stuff works?!?

    I hope your mommy's surgery went well and she's all good and cuddling-ready now.We will purr lots for her.


    PS. Thank you for coming by and leaving us a nice message when Whisper had to go to the Bridge