Saturday, February 24, 2007

weeble the kitty

momsbusy here,
we received an email saying the cat we sponsered went to the bridge. it was very thoughtful of best friends to let us know of weeble's passing. at least we know we helped to make her comfortable while she was at best friends. please remember weeble in your prayers.

We're sorry to let you know that Weeble the cat has passed away. Her system shut down, and was no longer able to support her. At age 14, it was her time to go. She was surrounded by much love as she made her way over the Bridge.

We're very sad to lose her. As her sponsor, you know Weeble was a very special cat. She had her neurological issues, which meant she didn't get around as well as a normal cat. However, her heart more than made up for the mis-wiring in her head. She had such a sweet, gentle nature, and gave love freely. She will be sorely missed by all. But she was so lucky to have had a friend like you. And to have lived such a good long life, where she was beloved by all who met her.


  1. We are furry sorry about Weeble. She sounds like a speshul cat.

  2. Awww. We remember reading about Weebles in the BF newsletter. Thank you for sponsoring her. Bless her liddle heart.

    Luf, Us

  3. So sorry to hear about Weeble. Am glad she was surrounded by love on her way to the Bridge. She was a pretty cat by her picture, and like Bonnie said, she sounded like a very special kitty. So nice that you sponsored her and bless you. She will be missed and I know whe will live on in your heart.

  4. oh no, we is so sorry to hear about Weeble.

  5. We're sorry to hear about Weeble, she was lucky to have found her way to Best Friends. We're sure someone, maybe a lot of someone's, will meet her at the bridge.

  6. we are sorry to hear about Weeble crossing the Bridge. Just remember she's all better now and there are lots of kitties and birdies to chase!!


  7. We're very sorry to hear about Weeble. It was very nice of you to sponsor her and make her feel loved and comfortable while she was on the earth. Now that she is over the bridge, she'll be able to run and play like a healthy kitty and she deserves it!
    Thanks for sharing her with us. We'll light a candle for her.

  8. We're sorry to hear about Weeble. You guys were so sweet to sponsor her and help her have a special life at BF. It sounds like a lot of people will miss her. :-(