Saturday, February 24, 2007

fank yus, fank yus, fank yus

we jus wans to fank the meezers, sammy and miles fer sendin us ars prize fer being the 25,000th bisiter to thers bloggie. we know they musta sak-ree-fi-sted some of thare stinky goodness or treats to gets us ars prize cuz thems beans ars still lookin fer jobbies. we finks theys mita cheked unner the sofa cooshuns fer some hidden pirate loot. yuki steals green papers iffens yus leefs them out whare she can gets them. we hasnts been able to find her stash. we shure a-pre-she-ates the grate stuff theys sents.
mommees, we cants beleefs how much stuff sammy and miles sents us!
i fink they gave us thers last pak-age of tem-ta-shuns.
we is rollin is cosmic katnip. woo hoo!!
dis *smack, smack* stuff efen *smack* tastes *licks mouth* good!


  1. Wowy wow! That all looks great!

    BTW - we has posted our prizes from you guys on our "Special Sunday" post. Fanks again!

  2. Hello my sweet friends Yuki, and Kimiko. i hopez youz are doing well. that looks like a lot of goodies you guys got.-Snowy

    Hi Kimiko, that is a lot of goodies. I have tagged you to do the meme. Come see our bloggie to see it.-Pounce

    Hello my sweet and beautiful Yuki! Maybe we can snuggle together on my porchy later.
    headrubberz and a kitty nose kisser..Taps

  3. hahahaha! Look at you rolling in the catnip! What a great package of goodies you gotted!

  4. we is glad that you likeded your stuffs!!!

  5. KC said...

    O, u's hit tha jackpot... Meezers sended u's grrrreat prizies.
    Purrssss, KC

  6. Muhahahahaha! Cosmic Catnip... mmmmm... I´m adiccted to catnip too.

  7. Hi there, new kitty friends! Chairman Mao here. Wow, such nice goodies! Looks like y'all are havin' a lot of fun.