Saturday, January 13, 2007

yuki update & blooger is being a booger again

what is up with blogger? i can't pick the font or color i want to use. at least half of the tool bar is missing. this is weird.

latest update on yuki: she is doing better. she ate about a third of a can of stinky goodness this morning. i took her to the vet to get another round of fluids. i did both sticks. she will get fluids tomorrow, tuesday and thursday at home. she will go back to the vet for a checkup on thursday to see how much she has improved. he is looking to see if she has gained any weight. with all this fluid she is peeing up a storm!

purchased her special food today. guess we will see if she likes it or not. i mixed a little of the dry into what she already had in her bowl. i will give her a bit (a teaspoon or so) of the wet tonight.

i think kimiko has a post in mind for tomorrow. so please come back and visit to see what she comes up with.

we have met some new kitty bloggers thru all this and i am getting them added to my favorites list on my computer. when i will be able to get the favorites link update is a whole other issue.

i wanted everyone to know the cat blogosphere is the greatest group of kitties (this includes woofies, buns, and feathered ones) and their beans in the world. it is like having an extended family. i appreciate everyone who has taken the time to visit and/or leave a comment. all of the advice is reassuring. thank you again. take care.


  1. We are glad to hear that she is getting better. Hope she continues to improve more and more each day.

  2. Sounds encouraging! I know she'll get better because she has a lot of people prayer for her and thinking of her. Isn't it great how cat people come together?!

  3. tell you what, this is the best bunch of people and critters anywhere on earth.

    glad to hear Yuki is getting better. Bet that was hard to stick those needles in her. But, between that and the alternative, we do it.

    Blogger has been so slow today. I have wanted to post so many places and it takes forever just to load the comment page. The whole internet is slow, guess because it's the weekend.

  4. I'm glad Yuki is doing better. It's no fun going to the vet and being poked! And taking medicine? Bleeagh! But the lady made me take mine and I'm all better now.

  5. Oh Shirley I am so proud of you being able to give Yuki her fluids. I'm also so glad that Yuki is doing better. Prayers still going up. Yuki keep up the good work on getting better. Casper has a special post for tomorrow. He told me to get my butt in gear and get that picture posted of the Captain and Crew eating their fishy flakes. I told him O.K.

  6. We arez very happiez to hear that Yuki is feeling better. we our purraying that she continues to improve. Meowmize is happy to hear that you are able to give Yuki her fluids. i agree as well our cat blogging community is the best.-Sia, and the meowmize

  7. We is glad u tuk da time to bisit owr blog even tho Yuki is bery sick. We is glad yur mama can give sub-q fluids. It is bedder dan goin to da v-e-t eferytime fur it. Owr Maw onceded had to give sub-q fluids to a hamster!!! We hopes u keep gettin bedder Yuki!
    Purrs & Hedbuts.

  8. We's furry glad dat Yuki is continyoo-ing to improov.
    We haf been having trubble wiv blogger too. We haf been trying to do a post furr three days, but it keeps going too slow an timing owt. Mum sez we will try tomorrow afternoon cuz it's yooshully better afternoons.
    Purrs an hedbutts to yoo all.