Tuesday, January 09, 2007

widebody, white & wacky wednesday

we is so em-bare-esst. mommees took this pikshures of ar backsides when we wuz sleepin. she said they was ars kyoot booties. we finks she is jus makin fun of ars back sides. what dus yu fink?

here i is hepin mommee make sure there is nofin left in the bag. nope, no presents left to wrap here! mommees says i looks silly peekin out the bag.

mommees here. please keep yuki in your prayers. she is not feeling well tonight.


yuki has lost about 3 lbs. she now only weighs 7.2 lbs. she looks so bad. as far as i can tell she didn't eat anything today but did drink a little water. she did use her litter box although there was very little for her body to deposit in it. she did give a very pathetic hiss when the vet touched her tummy. she still has a little pep. they are going to draw blood and take x-rays. i may get to pick her up when i get off work. (i really hope i can) they may have to keep her overnight. will update again soon.

yuki has a vet appt at 2:50 (est) this afternoon. will update after i get her home. thanks everyone for all of the prayers.

1/10/07 6:30AM: yuki has drank about a 1/4 cup of water and has peed. still no food. she continues to be weak and sound very pitiful. please keep praying.

as you all know, trying to determine which cat in a multi-cat household is throwing up can be a challenge. it seems yuki has been for about 3 days. only cat food, no foreign objects and not alot.

last night she seemed a bit lethargic. this morning she barely licked the juice from her can of stinky goodness. she even watched as kimiko finished it for her.

i couldn't find her when i got home the first time. i had to eat supper with my dad, pick up my daughter, and pick up my prescription. when i came home from for the night my husband and i searched the house. we called and called yuki's name. i finally found her under a pile of covers in my daughters room.

she apparently had been there most of the day by the way everything looked. when i picked her up i could tell she was not feeling well. she was weak and her meow was pitiful. i made her a little palet with a fleece blanket and a heating pad next to a heater vent. she has stayed there for the last hour or so. i tried to get her to eat some stinky goodness (special gift from eric and flynn - thanks guys) and some fishy flakes. she turned her nose up at both of them. kimiko ate what yuki wouldn't.

i have called the vet. the answering service said they would have him call me in the morning. funny, they have never done that before. perhaps she meant to say she will page him soon. maybe i didn't hear her right. so i am waiting to see if our vet will call.

i will post updates as i can -we know how blogger can be sometimes. thanks for listening. take care.


  1. o, Yuki, i hopes u gets to tha vet soon. we wants u to get to feelin better.

    pleeze keeps us all updated 'n we will be purr-raying fur you.

  2. oh dear - you gotta go ta the Vet an find out what's wrong wif you. we duzzn't haf 'sperience wif stuff like that, so we duzzn't know what it could be, but ya gotta find out an get better. we're purrin' an prayin' fur ya.

  3. I agree with KC, grr, midnight, and cocoa -- All my experiences with kitties who are vomiting is GET TO THE VET ASAP.

    I'll be praying for Yuki. Grace, Audace, and Ruse will be holding positive thoughts, too -- I'll see to it!

    Get better soon, Yuki.

  4. We're sendin' purrayers and purrs, and we hopes the v-e-t gets you feelin' better furry soon!

  5. oh i hope you feels better soon Yuki! we hopes it's somefin simple like IBD like Mini got (kinda sounds like it mite be) -- makes ya feel reel icky but they's got meddycines for it. We'll be sendin purrs and sa yin purrayers for you!
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  6. Yuki, I will be purraying for you for sure! I agree w/the others. When you been throwing up and not wanting to eat stinky goodness! Ya needs ta get in to see the doc! They'll fix you up real good and hopefully you'll feel good as new real quick!

  7. Yuki, I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. Barfing is no fun. Prayers are going up for you tonight. Sure hope you will feel better after you see the VET. They do help you get well even if we don't like to go to them. Take care Yuki.

    Hi Kimiko.


    BTW Mom got our blogger going again. She has her fingers crossed that it will work from now on. I have my paws crossed.

  8. Best wishes for Yuki feeling better soon :::crossing paws:::

    Yr friend,

  9. Oh no, it'z not good when a kitty won't eat stinky goodness. Hope the vet gifs yu medicine that makes yu feel better. Purrs sent yore way.

  10. I'm sorry to hear this news. When you have a chance either email me or call (which I will give you my number in the first email). I have a multi-cat family also (14 furry little monsters), and may be able to help a bit.

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  12. We will all keep lil Yuki in our purrayers and hope yu get gud noos from yur VET.

    Abby & the gang

  13. My dear sweet friend Yuki, I do hopes you find out whys you are not feeling well. We are sending purrs, and lots of purrayerz for youz to get better. Please, let our meomize know how you and your meowmize are doing.- Your friend Snowy

  14. Hi, just checking in for the updates... glad to see one posted.

    Have you got a vet appointment for her yet?

    Our prayers are with you...

  15. We're sending lotsa prayers and good healing thoughts your way. If blogger lets you, tell us how the vet went asap. I have IBD and I take goopy laxitone every other day and I'm fine. I sure worried mom a ton before the diagnosis came back.

  16. Best wishes, Yuki. We hope you are feeling better soon.

    Ann, Ariel, Lemieux and Tocchet

  17. Checking back for any updates. Sure hope you will be able to bring her back home Shirley. Prayers still going up for Yuki.

  18. we're purring an purring. we hope you have something easily treatable. please let us know.

  19. A special hug basket is on it's way to you all. Please use as many hugs as you have to. This special hug basket refills itself as many times as it's needed. Everyone in the family can use it, too. Purrayers, of course, are being sent, too.

    Please get to that vet and update us soon.