Saturday, December 02, 2006

meme is growing up.

mommees here. thought i would post the background of this little kitty.

the vet said she was about 6 wks old.

back in may of this year a tiny kitten made its way into the engine compartment of my hubby's corvette. he heard the mews of this little kitten after he cranked up his car. he thought the worst and quickly cut off the car's engine. the mewing continued but he could not locate where it was coming from under the hood. as soon as i arrived home, he asked me to come listen and look. i wasn't too keen on the idea of looking as i didn't want to see if there was a badly injured kitten under his hood. well, we looked and finally figured out the little fellow wasn't hurt but very scared. and very wedged in a tight spot we were not gonna be able to get him out of. it took me awhile but with the help of a live animal trap (i had stashed away in the shed), some milk, and some stinky goodness the little kitty was caught.

she had wedge herself into the engine are of my hubby's truck when we were trying to catch her.

so began the adventure, next came the drama.

boy could she purr when she was all cleaned up and had a full belly.

yuki & kimiko, being ever set in their ways and downright cranky when it comes to other felines, were to not happy campers. i brought a "thing" into their home. even worse i put it into the bathroom and shut the door. and to add insult to injury, i went in and left them out! i could see their shadows at the door and their little paws trying to grasp whatever they could from under the door. so with hissy divas also came the darling daughter who wanted to keep the kitten. which by this time we knew was a girl. we couldn't keep her and i was going to try to find a home for her. oh the tears which flowed from my dear child. if only yuki & kimiko knew she was seriously considering finding them new homes so she could have her very own kitten.

a month after being found.

the drama ended as quickly as it began when my parents decided to add the little kitty to their menagerie. they would now have 4 kitties in their home. of course my daughter still says that the kitty is hers. i ended up naming her. she didn't meow she said "me me" so that is what her name became - meme. she still doesn't meow, she kinda squeeks. but she is cute as a button and growing like a weed. she steals anything paper out of my mom's purse and thinks if it's good enough to go into your mouth she should get a taste. that is how they found out she likes TOMATOS.

meme now.

we is not gel-us an has neffur been gel-us of any stinky kitten! to thinks she came into ars house and tried to takeofers ars bean bafroom. we is glad she is gone. we jus coodnt unerstand whys the girl wuz sad affer the kitten left. we thot she luve us. yu thinks maybe she wanted a nu kitty? wasnt we good enufs fer hers anymore? she is not sads anymores. but sometimes she comes home and she smells funny . . . . kinda like anofer kitty. yu think she has gots a kitty on the side? cood it be THAT kitty?

as long as mommees luvs us and gives us ars fishy flakes the girl can haf anofer kitty SOMEWHERE ELSE. NO ofer kittys in this house. we is the queens of this house and what we says goes!!!


  1. Wow! My has she grown! And what beautiful markings she has! So neat to see and hear about her!

  2. Love the picture of meme in the box with the towel.

  3. What a happy ending to what could have been, a terrible story. She is a love!

    When I was little I had a gray cat. I couldn't say the word mew mew, and said Mimi......that is how my gray boy from childhood, got his name! He lived to be 12, old for a cat back in the 40's and early 50's when people didn't take their cats to the vet like we do now.

    To see me and Mimi, go to

    CalicoMom Toni

  4. we remember when ya finded the little cutie! so glad she's doin' so well in her nice home. we'd shure love ta see picshures of her efurry now an then, when ya gots 'em.

  5. A THIEF IN YOUR FAMILY ahahahahah i gess we all have one hahaah she is a beautiful baby iam so glad she is still where u can see her Shmoo wants to steel her hahahaah

  6. The more the merrier!

    WAcKy WedNeSDay is back!

  7. I don't know how I missed this post before! She is such a cute kitty! And growing fast. I know how it feels to give up a little one you saved. But it looks like she is very happy.