Sunday, August 27, 2006

prayer time

effurry one remembers little millie, right?

she was the little kitten malcom found hurt in the middle of the road.

well, her sister jasmine is really sick. she has eye cancer. her mommys is sad. please remember thems family in your prayers. you can read all abouts jasmine at millie's blog: darling millie.

remembers to pray for luna, who is lost in the big woods. her mommys is heartbroken cuz she cants find hers. hers blog is:gatititas.

prays for trixie. she is sammy and miles sister of
meezer tails. she is a senoir catizen and she is hafin some health problems. **we are so sad, we has founds out miss trixie has crossed over to the rainbow bridge. please visit her blog to read her story.**

and remembers brandi's momma. hers name is carol. she is having lots of problems. she really needs a job. she is very tankfuls that so many kitties and their families haves been helpin thems out. hers blog is: catitude.

mommy says not to forgets the 2996 memorials for what happened on 9/11.she says we needs to pray for the peoples who died and for theres families.

mommy says iffins effurryones that blogs take a moment each day to pray for these listed we wills be able to see whats the power of prayers will do. she says alot has already happened.

iffins you have any ofer prayer requests pease add thems to ar list by leavins a comment. leaves a link too so we can get details.

****just added****chatham at chatcatchats is havin to take medicine for his thyroid. hims has to get poked wif a needle too.


  1. we all purray fur efurrybuddy on that list too - good job with this!

  2. me's sending me purrayers and purrrrrs an so is Missy and Bear for efurryone on ur list...KC

    mommie ml seys the listie is grrrreat idea

  3. oh my! wes forgots to put ar woofies name on the list.

    rex cants see anyfing except flashies from the pikshure box. his legs is workins better but they is not like they is suppose to bees. hes whines when he needs to go outsides to use his big litterbox and whens hes hungry. rex is eatins good. he is up to 3 big cans of doggie stinky goodness ans a few biscuits too. ars girl founds a toothies that rex lost. mommy has to call the vet abouts it.

    we is all doins ars part to makes him cozy. just like jasmines mommy is doin for hers.

    dont forgets to add anyone else hers that needs prayers. mommy says she will update the list furs us.

    yuki & kimiko

  4. Yuki & Kimiko, I'm sorry to tell you that Trixie of the Meezers passed away early this mornin. She was at home wif her famly an it was peaceful when Ralphie an Norton came to take her home.
    Purrs, Victor

  5. tanks victor, we changed ars blog. we is very sad for the meezers and their lady and man.

    yuki & kimiko

  6. That's a sweet listie yall. We'll purray for efurrycat and bean and woofie.

  7. Can you email me about the live trap you have for catching ferals? I have that brand and cant figure out how to set it.

    CalicoMom Toni