Sunday, July 09, 2006


cheebie (proper spelling is "chibi") means "small or little". he was just that when we found him. he was a wild little ball of grey fuzz. somehow he sneaked into the shop where i worked. we think he was about 6 weeks old (physically). but he was 20 years of spit, hiss and fire spiritually. thank goodness those leather gloves worked. i took him home and the rest is history. he stole everyone's heart he met. as you can see by his picture he became a beautiful boy. but as with every fairy tale there is an evil lurking nearby. we almost lost him after discovering he had cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart). he almost drowned when fluid built up in his lungs. we got him to the vet in the nick of time. the vet warned us he probably would not live a long life. He went to wait for us at the rainbow bridge last year. he was 12 years young. we like to think he had an enlarged heart to hold all of the love he had for our family.


  1. Hi Cheebie! I so love his story, Shirley!

  2. What a beautiful kitty and what a story, now I've started crying.

    However long they are with us, it is never enough, is it?

  3. The wild little ball of fuzz sure grew to be a sweet gorgeous fluff!