Monday, February 13, 2012

mancat monday

we would like to let everyone know how much all of the purrs and prayers meant to us. mom is doing well. sometimes she gets a little quiet, other times she laughs really loud when she plays with us. tt is trying to decide her place now that she is the only girl kitty. yuki was always in the same room as mom. today tt stayed in the living room with mom. not in her lap but in the same room. i guess we will see what happens as time goes by. 

mom found my cow bed. she put it out for me. i climbed in and it came alive!!! it tried to eat me! mom got a photo of me trying to escape. 

don't worry. i got away and mom made the cow bed promise not to eat me again.


  1. I didn't know a cow bed could be so dangerous!

  2. what an adorable photo!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glad you escaped the cow bed.

    Sending pawhugs for your mom.

  4. That cowbed is cute (and obviously, wild!). :)

    Big pawhugs to your Mom.

  5. the cow bed is still behaving itself. but i have not been sleeping in it as much. i am just being careful.


  6. what a cute cow bed! We came over from Melvin's blog because we saw you lived in the midstate of SC. We're in Lexington. We read about Yuki and the other health problems with members of your family. Please know our thoughts and purrs are with you.

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. healing time is long and strange. we hopes it will pass wifout too much pain after this point. what a verreh cool cow bed! it looks delishusly soft and rather fun to be eated by.