Wednesday, January 18, 2012

we are supporting the blackout

we got this info directly from iblog 

SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act. The Act itself allows 
copyright holders to challenge the use of their content in any form on 
the internet. But recently it has caused quite a stir in the Internet 
community with the web censorship bills.
Thousands of people, including tech giants such as Facebook and Google, have opposed the web censorship bill, saying it would effectively censor the web and place unfair demands on content providers. A few infringing links would be enough to block a site completely.

Sites like GoDaddy has already burnt their fingers by supporting SOPA. The internet community strongly reacted against GoDaddy on their decision to support SOPA. Due tho this several GoDaddy customers started migrating their domains and hosting services to another hosting company.

A number of websites including Wikipedia, Firefox, Reddit and others are planning to blackout their websites on Jan 18th, 2012, to protest the web censorship bills. So if you are too thinking to join the movement and protest again SOPA/PIPA, you can show your support by adding any of these plugins to your blog.

If you don’t want a complete blackout on your website, you can show your support by adding a black ribbon, to your site template. Blogger and WordPress users can add a black ribbon to their blogs with the following code.


  1. I'm supporting the blackout too. As quoted by the cuteoverload website today "SAVE THE KITTENS"

  2. Yay! Another kitty family against SOPA and PIPA!

  3. SOPA is bad!! We're protesting today too!!

  4. Yep, the internet was a sea of protest today!

  5. This is scary! Mom Paula has already written our congressman!

  6. Thank you for supporting the blackout. We signed the petition, too.