Sunday, November 06, 2011

Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!

we are entering the second annual everycat sleeping contest! mom had a really hard time picking the photos to enter. it seems most of the photos she has of us are when we are not moving - in other words SLEEPING! we hope you enjoy the photos we helped mom pick out. after all, how can you NOT love pictures of sleeping cats!

kintaro loves to stretch out and show off his belly floof! 

 tt loves to curl up to show off her "forbidden to touch" floofiness.

yuki seems to get into the most awkward positions to sleep in.


  1. They are all winners in our opinion! Our Maui sleeps like Yuki!

  2. Hi guys, good luck!! I'm entering too, it's so exciting! Can't wait to see everyone's photos! Big meow!

  3. Wow, you are serious sleepers! Good luck in the contest! :)