Thursday, February 11, 2010

sweet dreams

sweet dreams are made of these. . . .


  1. We's been getting a lot of naps in here, too! Mewmie loves the "upside down" here's lookin' at you look!

    By the way, with all the snow, mewmie has only been able to leave the house one time and hasn't made it to the post office to mail your prize (the custom made cat carrier) from Spot and Fiona's auction yet, but she has it all boxed up ready to go.

    But, when she went back to read over your emails, they aren't in her gmail box at all anymore! So, if you can email us again with your address, she is going to try and drive up our hill today or for sure tomorrow as the snows have stopped!

    The cats of Furrydance
    furrydance [at]

  2. You're smiling so you must be having VERY good dreams. Me want to see....hehe.

    XOXOXOXO Puddin