Monday, January 25, 2010

missing you on monday

it seems like yesterday and at the same time it seems like it was forever so long ago that you went to the bridge. my heart still hurts when i think of how much i miss you. i still can not look at your pictures without shedding tears.

i miss you sleeping with me every night. no one else wants to take your spot. perhaps you are still here in spirit and that you have warned the others that spot is still yours.

i kept your gizzy quilt. i kept it b/c i am selfish. it is something i can hold when i need comfort from a bad day. just as i held you. you always purred and talked to me. you were my comforter, you kept my heart and head calm when life was crazy.

till we meet again my sweet kimiko.
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  1. I don't think that keeping the gizzy quilt is selfish. It is a strong reminder of Kimiko and you should have it for comfort.

  2. Purrs and gentle headbutts to you who are missing sweet Kimiko...

  3. Kimiko was so beautiful. we knows how hard it is. purrrrrsssssss to you

  4. My sisters and I send you our loving purrs too!

  5. Spider, Smudge and I understand.

  6. We know just how you feel ... purrs and (((hugs))).

    'Kaika and his mom

  7. WE are sending purrs and prayers to you.

  8. We hope the joyful memories of Kimiko will fill your heart and lift your spirit. Sending you purrs.

  9. big hug! It's hard when you miss a loved one.

  10. Oh Kimiko, we do miss you terribly.
    You are such a beautiful girl and I was happy to know you the little bit that I did.

    I added you to my RSS feed on my toolbar. You can download the toolbar to see what it's all about, if you'd like, here:

    If you don't want to be in the toolbar, please let me know by emailing me at mouchois (at) and I will take your blog off immediately. You can also email me at that address to let me know if you have any ideas to make the toolbar better, as well!

  11. Our official thank you note:

    Thank you so much for all the purrs and prayers for our little hansel. It means the world to us- and we truly believe that with everyone in the cb - it's how we got through all of this. We don't know what we'd do without everyone! Hansel is doing very well - walking around, but we did have to put his cone on- as he thinks he should eat his sutures. He is eating, taking meds, drinking, using the litter box, everything is fantastic!

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    -mom bean,
    and the whole gang!

  12. Hi! It looks like you were the highest bidder on the custom cat carrier that we donated to Fiona's auction! If you will email us with your name and address, I will take it to work with me today and take it over to the UPS store and see what it will run to ship it to you--it doesn't collapse as it has a plastic like pvc pipe frame but it is light, so hopefully shipping won't be that much. I will let you know and you can always back out if you want.

    Warmfelines, Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  13. It's ok to keep things that remind you of Kimiko and give you comfort. It's still a time to be kind and gentle to yourself, loss takes a while to settle. We send you rumbly purrs and love

    Whicky Wuudler

  14. It isn't selfish to keep the Gizzy quilt. It's probably very comforting at times.

  15. Kimiko is still purring on in your heart just as Gizmo is still purring on in Mom's heart. She misses him too. If the Gizzy quilt comforts you on a bad day then by all means keep it. Kimiko rest in peace.