Tuesday, October 13, 2009

triple trouble tuesday

i see yur problem ans i kan fix it fur yu.

**kimiko update** kimiko seemed to be feeling better late sunday night and today (monday). she ate well this morning. she seemed hungry tonight but really didn't want anything i offered. she only nibbled on a few bites of chicken and shrimp. i suppose it is just as well as tonight i had to give her the prednisone pill and the chemo pill. it may sound terrible but i am waiting for her to start throwing up. she did after the first chemo pill. maybe this time will be different. i hope so. it takes so much out of her little body to go thru all that.

as i write this, kimiko is curled up in the kitty bed that has a heating pad in it. usually yuki hogs the bed. she really does hog the bed. she only leaves long enough to go potty. she will even wait for me to find her and bring her her food bowl so she can eat in bed. she is one smart cat to have trained me so well. ;^)

some good news, she has been demanding me to pick her up and hold her. she has even purred a few more times. still not loud - i can feel it more than hear it when i am holding her.

now if i can just get tt to quit trying to "fix" my printer.


  1. Thanks for the update on Kimiko. We've been purrying and purraying so much for her. Glad to hear she is feeling a bit better.

    When TT is done repairing your printer, ours needs to have a good looking at too!

  2. oh Kimiko - we hopes that you feels better soon!

  3. We're glad Kimiko is doing a little better...we continue to purr for her!

    TT...we hope you can figure out what's wrong with that printer!

  4. U are catechnician!
    Kimiko, get well soon!

  5. I am so worried about Kimiko. I hope the prednisone will help her appetite pick up. Sometimes, the less a cat eats, the less she wants to eat. I am keeping Kimiko in my thoughts and purrs!

  6. Glad to hear kimiko is eating a tad better for you. We found this to be the pattern with Mojo as well, we had good days and bad. Just hang in there and keep trying...Kimiko will let you know when she's had enough.

  7. Good that Kimiko is feeling a little better. That is what I have been praying for. Still keeping Kimiko in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. It does sound like Kimiko is doing a little better today. Still purring for her that she will pull out of this.

    TT get out of that printer!! What a cute picture.


  9. Hey sweet Kimiko, my sisters and I are still purring for you and we think about you ofter. We hope you feel better and keep some food down.

  10. Sending purrs for you to continue to eat, Kimiko, and that the chemo doesn't make you sick this time.

    Cuddles to all of you,

    Charlemagne and Tamar