Friday, October 09, 2009


these were taken in 2006

i decided to post happy photos.

the oncologist called tonight. i am trying to absorb all of the info she gave me tonight. i like her. she has 4 cats and talked to me in a way that i could understand everything. it is still so much info and i have to make a decision on what is best for kimiko.

i want to make the right decision. is there really a decision to make? how could i not want to help her overcome this disease? i don't think well if i am blubbering and boo hooing all over the place. i need to think clearly and with a happy heart. hence the happy photos. well, as happy as i can muster right now.

this type of cancer is very slow progressing.
it is also the most common type of cancer in older cats. it is called low grade intestinal lymphoma b/c it is slow to grow. due to the slow growth, it responds well to chemo (in the form of pills) and can be administered at home. a single pill would be taken once every three days or 10 times a month. the specialist that did the initial diagnoses on kimiko was a co-author on the article about low grade intestinal lymphoma.

i ask the oncologist if she knew how much the chemo pills would cost and she looked it up online at a site she uses and it was about $4 a pill - so about $40 a month (if my pharmacy sells it for that price). then kimiko would have to have blood work (maybe $75+ each time) about once a month for a couple of months then every 6-8 weeks depending on how things progressed.

the biggest concern right now is getting her to gain weight. i gave her 1/4
of a 15mg tablet of mertazapine last night. mertazapine is an appetite stimulant. this morning she was meowing to be fed. she ate almost a 2oz. serving of stinky goodness. 2 ounces usually lasts all day so this was a huge amount for her to have eaten at one sitting. it did take her about 40 minutes to eat it all.

i had to come by my house this morning about 10am or so and kimiko ate a few bites of chicken sandwich meat. but she has refused any stinky goodness tonight and only ate a few bites of ham sandwich meat. i gave her the prednisone (10mg once a day) and i will have to see what happens by the morning. she is not laying nearby like she has been lately. i am wondering if she is past the point of no return. i am not ready but she may be. not sure if i can handle it. just not sure.

if i am to start the chemo i need to do so very soon. i can call the vet in the morning and he will call it in to a nearby pharmacy. i wonder if it is too late. would i be trying to save her to keep from losing her right now (postponing the inevitable) or will she continue to keep me wondering with these good mornings and bad evenings?

my heart is heavy, my body tired and my mind is twirling around in circles. i think i shall say my prayers and try to get some sleep.

please keep kimiko in your prayers and send lots of purrs her way. she needs them now more than ever

**UPDATE**: i called the vet this morning and we are going to start the chemo tonight. kimiko ate well this morning but i am waiting to see if she will do like she did yesterday and not eat much the rest of the day. if she starts to gain/maintain weight then she has a chance at living comfortably .


  1. WE is all purrayin and purrin furr yoo Kimiko and also furr yur Mom

    Abby,Boo,Ping,Jinx & Gracie

  2. Kimiko, we are just now meeting you and we are sending you all of our purrs now. You are such a brave one.

    Mom, make sure you get some sleep during this challenging time.

  3. We are sending purrs your way to help you through this tough time. We know you will do whatever is right for Kimiko. We love seeing these happy pictures of her!

  4. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  5. we is purrrring hard for you Kimiko!!!

  6. We are behind you with whatever you decide. We know this is overwhelming. Purrs and tail wags.

  7. We know you will make the right decision for Kimiko. At least the pills do not sound too unpleasant. Can you try the treatment for a while and see if she seems to be responding and feeling better? Soft purrs to you all.

  8. Sending many purrs to Kimiko and (((Hugs))) to you.
    ~ The Bunch

  9. I am hoping and praying that Kimiko will respond well to the chemo. You just never know what will happen. Some cats succumb quickly and some far outlive what the vet expects. I really hope that Kimiko will be one of the latter. I am sure that she will let you know when she is ready to go.

  10. We are purring and purring for the treatment to help Kimiko. We know you will do what is right for her. It is such a hard decision to make, one that our mom is all too familiar with.

  11. We're purring and praying for Kimiko.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Dearest Kimoko and Mom's Busy! My tiny heart just aches for all of you right now and I wish I could reach in here and make it all better. Kimiko is so sweet and precious...My friend Miss Mittens from the Big Piney Woods is also real sick right now like you Kimiko. You will both be in my very best prayers and purrrrrs from now on. I am an old cat at almost 17 and had cancer that grew real slow on my tummy for about four years and this Easter the vet removed it. I am better than ever now but it was a long slow recovery. Each day is such a treasure...stay close to your mommy now and dry her tears with your furs and head bumps. Tell her that you will let her know what is right...
    All my best thoughts, Miss Peach

  13. We are still sending rumbly purrs and love to you. We hope Kimiko copes well with the chemo and can put on some weight which will help her through this. Hugs and love to Momsbusy too.

    Whicky & Family

  14. What sweet pictures of you Kimiko. They are happy pictures.

    Momsbusy I know how you are feeling right now but I think Kimiko will let you know when the time will be. With Gizmo, he wasn't eating and was loosing weight and I think he said it was time. It is such a doggone hard decision. But it sounds like Kimiko is responding now. Also keep the faith Momsbusy as HE will also let you know. Purring and praying for you. Take care and both of you get the rest you need. God Bless