Friday, October 23, 2009

finally friday

i gotted to go on a road trip monday! moms said i did so good on the trip to the vet speshulist that her and dads took me on a road trip. i hardly meowed the whole trip except when i gotted hungry. i layed on moms lap, on the console between moms and dads and on the floor by moms feet. they stopped and got sub sandwiches for lunch. dad went into the store and moms stayed wif me in the big blue machine. when he cames back he had a roast beast sandwich for moms. she shared her roast beast wif me. it was so good. my tummy was very happy.

moms took the pikshures wifs her camera phone so they is not the best quality.

today is friday and i have had a long week. there hafs been a few days that were good and a few that were not so good. sometimes i am very wobbly on my feet and i almost fall down when i try to walk. this makes moms sad and her eyes gets a little bit leaky. she trys not to let me see but i do.

please purray for my sister yuki. hers appetite is kinda off - she gots good days and bad days too. moms is thinking her kidneys is getting worse. she hafs had bad kidneys for a couple of years now. at 15 years old she is no spring chikhen - at least thats what moms says.

kintaro and tt hafs been eatin all of my foods i do not finish. they is pigs! since i hafs been sick kintaro hafs gained about 1.5 pounds according to moms scales. moms says she might hafs to cut out all his extra visits to my food bowl. **giggles** kintaro is a fat boy!

tt is growing still so moms says she can eats a little extra. she is bigger than me now. she gets into all kinds of trouble all of the time. well, except when she is sleeping and when she first wakes up. moms says she is so sweet when she first wakes up. she purrs and head butts and cuddles and lets yu pet hers. then something or someone turns her mean switch on and she goes crazy. she runs all over the house and if you try to hold her she gets all growly. sometimes she efen hisses! moms says she gots a triple dose of catitude - the bad kind of catitude. i think she is an ungrateful little brat. moms didnts hafs to save her, buys her that formula stuff and bottle feeds her. she cooda taken her to the shelter after she gots big enuff for someones else to adopts hers. i am thinkin she needs to check her attitude.

i needs to go take my nap now. thank you to effurryone thats been purrayin for me. i can feel the purrayers ares working. i knows i cants live furever but i want to spend a little more time with my moms before i go to the bridge.

moms here.

we are taking each day as it comes with kimiko. she is eating more but i still don't think it is enough. i am getting ready to take her to our vet to get weighed. i will post that after i return home.

yuki's appetite has me concerned a little. if she does not get back to normal then i will have to schedule a vet visit for her. she sleeps almost all day only interacting with my husband when he gets on the laptop. he is her man. she just loves to get in his lap and sometimes she talks to him.

THANK YOU! to all that are keeping my family in your prayers. i appreciate the time you take to lift up my family in prayer.

UPDATE: i have just returned from our local vet. kimiko now weighs 3.9 pounds. she is continuing to lose weight. they drew blood for tests. the vet is concerned that the cancer has spread. i am to call him tomorrow to get the results. this morning was a bad morning for her. she ate very little and shortly thereafter threw up. i am not sure but she almost acted like she was having a seizure right before she threw up. i hate to have to leave her at home but i have to run some errands. she looks so sad today.


  1. Yuki and Kimiko we is purrring furry hard for bof of you!

    Kimiko, sounds like a wonderful road trip!!!!

  2. Kimiko, we are glad to hear that you are doing okay and you were such a good girl on your roadtrip! We continue to purr for you and now Yuki and hope you both feel better...

  3. We area also purraying furry hard for Kimiko and Yuki!!! We are also sending lots of healing and comforting vibes to everyone.

  4. Prayers from Mumma, and lots of rumbly purrs and soft head bumpies from Meepsie & Smokey.

  5. Harley and I are purring our very best for you, Kimiko. And for Yuki, too.

  6. Big purrs for Kimiko and Yuki ...

  7. I found your blog through Miss Peach. I am so sorry to read this. Sending happy headbutts and purrs your way.

  8. I'm purring very hard for both of you!

  9. We really are so sorry to hear what you went through. It is bringing tears to our mom's eyes.
    --JB, Chester, CB, Armani and Gaia