Tuesday, September 08, 2009

sad mews

i have just gotten off the phone w/ the vet. kimiko's urine test came back looking good. the test showed everything is functional well. so after some discussion with the vet, i have a decision to make.

  1. i can take her to an internist and have an endoscopy done to see if she has cancer or some other disease in her bowels. i asked and found out cancer does not always show up in xrays unless it is a large tumor. some diseases only thicken the walls of the bowels.
  1. the other choice is to give her prednesone (i think that is how to spell it) and see if that helps with her appetite and to gain some weight.
i also do not have $600 for an endoscopy at this time. my husband has only been working for 2 months after being unemployed for 18 months. i cannot give her the prednesone and then send her to the internist. if the prednesone helps her then it could hinder what the internist is looking for. it is also an hours drive to the internist. kimiko does not do well with long drives. she starts to hyperventilate and starts panting. it really stresses her out. so while i could come up w/ the money eventually - time is not on kimiko's side.

please keep kimiko in your purrayers.


  1. oh we so understand the prollems. Would you consider just giving her the prednisone and seeing how she does? Billy takes it for his asthma and it really does turn him into an eating machine. It's inexpensive, but if you need some help with greenpapers for that please let us know. Believe me, our the mom and dad know about the not working for 18 months - each of them were out of work for 18 months and it's hard getting back on your feet.

  2. Oh dear, what a dilemma. Harley has been taking prednisone for months for his EGC. I am sending my very best purrs for Kimiko.

  3. Kimiko is definitely in our thoughts and prayers. This sounds so much like or Cal.
    Is there any way we can email you? We couldn't find an email link on your blog. If you email us at: thecreekcats (at) gmail (dot) com we would like to email you back.
    Purrs and hugs

  4. That is a very hard decision you have to make. We know how very expensive Vet care is(Mom has the debt to prove it ;) )
    get the Pros & Cons from your Vet,for each treatment and go from there.
    Mickey had an ultrasound on his liver that was inconclusive.Aspirated cells did not give enough info either.Mom opted not to have surgical biopsy. Mickey is 16. We are loving him and keeping him happy(his health is pretty good) Medication is a bit less costly. We do not know how long he has or if he even has cancer.(nothing they can do even if he has cancer) Right now he is happy and we want his life to be good and joyful .We will let Nature take it's course.
    We will support any decision you make.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  5. We know this is a tough time for you, so we're sending warm purrs and tail wags. We know you'll make the right decision for Kimiko and we'll support whatever you decide too.

  6. sell the house cant we some how come up w/ the $$$ by selling samthing
    love u girl and iam prying fur her and u all I know u are not redy for her to go yet

  7. Purrs and prayers to you for Kimiko.

  8. Sending purrs and purrayers to Kimiko and to the rest of you. That's a very tough decision, but we know that you have her best interests at heart.


    Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

  9. Hi, prednisone should help and give her a more quality life. Do you have a paypal account set up? If not, please consider doing that and those of us who can donate to help could send you money through paypal and it's safe for all. If you already have one, post a link on your blogsite and I am sure you'll be able to get what you need. I would be happy to help. Goldie

  10. My sisters and I will be purring for sweet Kimiko too. I second the motion on the PayPal account, could be lots of help about if we all spread the word...we've got some good humans working for us!!!

  11. Oh Kimiko. We are purring and praying for you girl. When we get up in this age it is not very good. We hurts in more ways than one. Getting old is not even for the birds. That isn't the way that saying goes. I think it's getting old is for the birds. Oh Well!! We hope you will improve either way your Moms goes. My Mom knows about the green stuff too. She would like to have Patches' teeth cleaned cause after I got mine done and the poison left my body I felt good again. Mom noticed I played more. The vet showed Mom the cavities she has when she was there last. Patches has been eating a lot better now. Mom gets that Party Mix by Friskies and that is the only brand she will eat now. Mom says it's going to put her in the poor house cause Cleo and I like it too and we eat what Patches leaves. She will eat temptations now and then. Get better Kimiko. Oh yes, Mom is happy about your Dad getting a job. We still praying for all of youl

    Casper and crew