Monday, September 28, 2009

mancat monday and kimiko update

**yawn** kintaro here. it has been a long weekend. i am taking monday off to catch up on my cat naps. maybe the rest of the week will be better.

kimiko here! first i want to tell effuryone that has been purraying fur me that i really appresheate it. i do feel betters so it must be working.

i hafs been eating, not a lot, but regularly. i nibbles and takes a break then nibbles and takes a break and do this about 6 or 7 times then i go takes a nap.

i am still taking some nasty tasting pink medicine and a pill from the vet. moms has been giving me fiber sprinkled on my stinky goodness so my poops is much better too. i even asked moms for my fishy flakes two days in a row! she says i must be feeling better.

i am goings to go take a long ride to go see a speshulist on tuesday. please purray for me cuz i donts like to travel. i get fery upset. AND of all things, i am nots gonna get to eat nofins from 10pm the night before! effuryone hafs been wantin me to eat and i finally start eatin some and then they is not gonna let me eats. go figure!?!?!?!

thanks effuryone fur caring abouts me and keeping me in their purrayers.

momsbusy here. i finally decided to go with seeing the specialist after i remembered i had a care credit card and that the specialist accepts it. at least i will be able to make payments now. i want to thank everyone that has donated to kimiko's vet bills. so far i have had to use a small portion of it for the last vet visit where i got her antibiotics. i will post that receipt and the one i will be getting from the specialist on tuesday. the lady i spoke with to make the appointment was very nice. she also told me the 45 minute consultation would cost $160. i was very glad i was sitting down when she told me that. LOL she said that after the consultation and based on my decision of how i wanted to proceed that kimiko would either be there all day or would have to stay overnight.

there is a really nice mall one exit down from where kimiko is going. if she has to stay for the day, i will most likely go there to window shop and use their free wi-fi. i hate to have to lug my laptop around but i think i would be seriously bored having to sit and wait. this will give me a chance to post an update and even get some work in while i wait. i wonder if that guy is still there selling dippin dots? i love them! but i can only eat the smallest container of them b/c they are soooooo cold.

once again THANK YOU to all who have kept kimiko and our family in your prayers and/or donated to our vet bills. we really do appreciate all that your have done for us. we will pay if forward as needs arise with others in the cat blogging community.


  1. So glad Kimiko is doing better and glad she is going to a specialist.
    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't need to see a receipt!
    We just want her to get better.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & KC

  2. So glad Kimiko is feeling a little better. Hope the specialist can work out what is ailing her. Best of luck for the ultrasound sweet Kimiko
    Still sending you rumbly purrs

    Whicky & Family

  3. We will be thinking about you and purring hard for good news on Tuesday!

  4. So glad to hear Kimiko is eating! We will be purring very hard for her on Tuesday!!!

  5. Kimiko, we're glad you are feeling a littel better! We will purr for you when you go visit the specialist! We hope all goes well!

  6. Thank god i have ben worred sick about you to lol if you have to wate call me ok and fill me in or i will go nuts lol

  7. We're purring lots and lots for Kimiko, and hope to have something towards helping you guys later on this week,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  8. Glad to hear that Kimiko is feeling a little better. Sending healing thoughts and purrs.

  9. oh Kimiko, good luck at the specialist - we are purrrring furry hard for you!

  10. Kimiko, I am glad you are feeling a little better. I hope the specialist can find something that is SIMPLE to fix and then you will feel all the way better soon. Please try not to get upset during the visit on Tuesday! I will be thinking of you and purring for you.

  11. Hey Kimiko, you keep doing better and we'll keep purring for you. You've doing good...keep it up!

  12. We are so happy about Kimiko's progress. Hopefully the specialist will help even better! We love you, Kimiko!

  13. we are glad you are doing better Kimiko! we'll think of you and hope you get all good news (and aren't to upset in the car) tomorrow. purrrrrrrrs