Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tt tuesday

hi efurryones!

i had to go get my last 2 shots monday. the doktor said i was growin realy good. i gained .9 pounds in 3 weeks - so i am up to 3.4 pounds. moms is trying to get me usta the big brown machine. so afer the doktor visit we just rided around. i kinda like lookin out of the window and seein all of the stuff out there. but i stayed close to moms and the gerl. maybe next time they will take me somewhere to get somethin realy good to eat.

pee ees - today is my bachans purfday. she is the gerls grandmother (oba-chan is grandmother in japanese). she is almost 12 kitty/doggy years old today and thursday is bachan and gichans (ogi-chan means grandfather) 50th anniversary.

happy purffday bachan!!!
happy 50th anniversary bachan ans gichan!!!


  1. You look so cute hanging out up there. I'm glad the vet visit went well.

  2. That is one of the most precious pictures we've ever seen! You are such a little cutie pie!

    Happy Purrthday Bachan and Happy 50th Anniversary Bachan ans Gichan

  3. TT, I can tell you are growing up big and strong.

    Happy birthday to your bachan and happy anniversary to bachan and gichan!

  4. That is a cool kitty tree! I wonder if Melvin would hang out in something like that...

    PSSS Happy Happy Everything! To Everyone! So much stuff going on.

  5. Happy Purrthday Bachan and Happy 50th Anniversary Bachan ans Gichan. What exciting days for your family.

  6. Hey, you're just like us now with four kitties in the family. Ooops, almost forgot, we're just three now. So glad you are growing big and strong TT. Mom's mouth popped out the cute word again. But I have to admit, you are cute. I've never seen a cat tree with a pocket in it before. Looks kind of comfy. We hope Bachan had a great birthday and grams and gramps had a great 50th Anniversary.

  7. Melvin and I would like to thank you for your prayers and thoughts on Thursday. I honestly feel that he recovered so well with the help of all his friends sending good vibes. We actually ended up finding that his innards grow faster than his outsides. This makes his blood sugar fluctuate and also causes neurological problems. Imagine that! Thankfully all of our vets agreed that he should grow out of it.
    Bless you!

  8. Thanks for following our blog. We're looking forward to following yours, too ... your kitties are very kawai!

    Happy birthday to your Obachan and Ojichan!

  9. You look so cute up there, purrs to you, glad you are getting stronger. Hope Bachan had a great birthday, tell grams and gramps happy 50th, we had our 50th last month. Have a nice weekend.