Monday, March 16, 2009

mancat monday

mommees was looking for pikshures of me to post. she thought we could post some pikshures of me right after she adopted me in december of 2007. all of these were taken within the first few weeks in my furever home with mommees.

here i am in my jeep ready to leave to go home! it was a four hour trip!

i am just chillin' in my furever home. see the big scratching pad mommees gave me. i love to use it even if i do have to share.

i love being a monorail cat! i like to get on top of everything!


  1. U ar so cute iand i just love your bo tale lov and squeses from the bean

  2. Those are great pictures! You look so nice on your couch arm.

  3. I am glad your mommy gave you a forever home, I can see why, you are so purrty.

  4. ....sigh.... Kintaro, you are the most hansomest mancat anyware. Fank you for the loverly gifty.

    Yore Jasmine